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How do i get the weapon all american in vault 34?

Were is the keycard for vaults 34 armory

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There is no keycard. You unlock the armory it's kept in from the overseer's office.

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hear is a Vault 34 Guide

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Blue dragon77 is correct

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For this youre going to need to move through the caves, into the Vault proper, drop down into the Atrium and then drop down into the lower level. From here find the first sunken staircase, swim down and grab the password off the dead ghoul. Next find the medical clinic, go through the far door and find the second sunken staircase to get the next password. Head into the Utility Room to drain the nearby sunken staircase, go down into it and open the Overseers area. Find the Overseers office, kill his ghoul self and use his terminal to open the armory. Double back, enter the armory and take this gun off of one of the tables. Also, you can find the all powerfull pulse gun in the armory but it is inside a footlocker with a very hard lock on it but if you do"nt have a high enough lockpick skill im pretty sure the key to the footlocker is somewhere in pearls office at nellis afb.
that was a pain in the ass to type so i hope it helps :P

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I almost went past the all american gun becus i cudnt find it and i was standing rigght on it! -.- i thought it was the marksman carbine so i waz gunna leave witout it. and i almost got lost in vault 34

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