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How do I beat Elijah(Dead Money)?

Killing him is easy, how do i sneak away from him to trap him inside of the vault?! Every time i try to sneak out he sees right through my assassin armor and stealthboy, its ridiculous really.

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master_decoy answered:

When you con him into coming to get you, head out of the vault and head to your left. Elijah comes in from the right, so you can avoid him entirely. Then, when the shields go up, he's trapped inside and you can circle around and take the elevator out.
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Withinit answered:

Just hide in the vault until he comes for you, then run towards the left side (door you came in from).
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recca1821 answered:

You can activate the turrets with the computer in the right side of the vault it will for some reason count and you will complete that part.
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