Question from JohhnyE

How do I get Elijah to show up?

I have played through dead money 3 times now, each time doing something a little different. first I kept the companions alive, then i killed dean and dog, then i killed all three, and all three times Elijah doesnt show up at the vault, and all I get is locked in the vault and die. Am I doing something wrong, not doing something, or is it maybe glitched?


PIZZA6931 answered:

When you are in the vault's main computer, read the note to Vera but not the personal log. When you exit the computer, Elijah will contact you. The way I got him to come to vault was by threating to mess with the elevator. He then threatens to blow up my collar and I reply with the choice of snipping wires to the vault and my pip-boy. That gets him to come down. To get the cash out achievment, though you must NOT reprogram the turrets to kill him. You must kill him yourself!
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