Question from divuad88

In New Vegas do you get a house? If so, which town do you get it in? I'm tired of walking arund encumbered.

I need the stuff that I have and I'm over encumbered. I need to know if you get a house in Fallout: New Vegas.

foxfirefizz asked for clarification:

My question is if you use the brotherhood of steel safe house, are your items safe?


Bushnelly answered:

one of the first places is novac, there are two ways to get it. 1.) talk to the lady in the dino-dee-lite hotel lobby and pay her 100 caps 2.) you finish the come fly with me quest and become idolized/liked by novac and then talk to cliff briscoe. Also, the first time you go into vegas, you should go talk to mr. House. after you do and you walk to the elevator and talk to victor and he will say that you get the presidential suite and you will have the option to use the elevator to go to your new suite. those are only two of the many, and you can have many houses at the same time
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OrionX79 answered:

Ive also found you can get a high rollers suite in tops by winning 7500 in chips and you cant get the presidential sweet by certain conversation with benny never found highroller suite in there you also can store stuff safely in victors house from what ive seen until you can get to the novac one which happens to be my favorite
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TEI90 answered:

there a number of houses u can get. the eazy`st one is in Novac, just do 1 good thing for the town and its yours. Or go to the tops SPOILERS kill benny take the keys his wearing (still counts as a safehouse)

Brotherhood of steel safehouse: get Idolized by the BOS
Followers safehouse: get Idolized by the followers
NCR ranger safehouse: do some Quests for NCR at Camp macarran
Lucky 38 safehouse: do main quest until u get to meet Mr. House

And if u need a place to stash your gear/items just outside Doc mitchel`s house is a mailbox(safe to store anything)
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Decerius answered:

You can also get a room at the atomic wrangler buy completing the quest there
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Wusai answered:

What the heck is the name of that securitron in GoodSprings? He has a shack, Victor, thats it. I always use Victor's Shack as my first Base of Operations. There is a bed and a couple of containers inside.

Though you won't be able to get the well rested xp bonus as it isn't "your" bed.
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azuremage12 answered:

I always use the doctor's house in Goodsprings. Your stuff wont be taken and he can cure you or restore your health.
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JoshuaGuest answered:

I always use the Lucky 38 for my base of operations my companions have the high roller suite and I normally use the penthouse but I also use Vault 21, Novac and Jacobstown as my bases of operations. In case anyone forgot to mention you can use Vault 21 as a room its 20 or something caps but if you get idolized on the Strip you can buy it for 10 caps.
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