Question from marshc

Why does my xbox shut down..?

When i go to Primm and try to exchange caps for chips, my xbox immediately shuts down. I know there is a glitch with this, but it shouldn't shut my whole console down, should it?

marshc provided additional details:

Well, this happened as soon as i started playing my xbox after it had been off all night. It is in a cool place and well ventilated. I believe my xbox needs to be repaired, because now it shuts off randomly with different games. I find it weird that it shuts off in that same exact place in Fallout New Vegas every time i try it. I will avoid it like you said. Thank you


andy1234125 answered:

Could be that the Xbox is overworked. Try downloading the game onto your hard drive and/or let the Xbox cool down for a bit. Or avoid the place all together.
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