Question from garaak

Asked: 4 years ago

How do I start dead money?

The quest tells me to go to the abandoned BoS base, but when I get there it's locked and requires a key. Where is the key? Do you get it as part of helping the brotherhood in hidden valley with something unrelated? Or is my game just glitched?

Additional details - 4 years ago

I've re downloaded the dlc and started a new game, but it's still locked. Can bringing Veronica or whoever the BoS follower is unlock it?

Accepted Answer

From: Xxfirebird95xX 3 years ago

Try clearing your system cache on your xbox then re-download the patches. if that doesn't work then i dont know what to tell you because it is usually open no mater what.

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It should have been unlocked in the first place, even if it's just the front door INTO the base. However once the DLC is loaded the door to the actual inside of the Bunker should be unlocked. My suggestion would be to make sure you do the Nielson/Camp Forlorn Hope mission, and after completing that then try it again, or perhaps restarting your Xbox.

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It might be glitched and it might help re downloading the dlc.

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The bunker should be unlocked if you have the DLC. The quest can be started at any time after the tutorial quests, and it does not require any items or companions. Either your save or the DLC is corrupted. Make sure that you delete the DLC before you download it again.

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