Question from budaclees99

How do I get the brotherhood of steel to stop trying to kill me?

I'm trying to do the wildcard quest and when I go to the hidden valley 6 of them shoot me with laser mini guns. How do i get them to stop?


elyk0956 answered:

If at night:
They will come after you and ALWAYS treat you as an enemy if you have NOT made contact with them previously

If during the day:
Don't know, they should be under lockdown unless you are at the end of Veronica's quest. Then there would be 4 BoS Paladins and they will attack you unless you talk your way out of it.

Otherwise I really don't know
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ruffnv15 answered:

If you or boone have ncr armor on then that will anger them too.
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Aussie_Scarface answered:

Make sure you aren't wearing any faction armor that would make the BoS attack you, for example any NCR or Caesar's Legion armor.

Go to them during the DAY and they should say something along the lines of 'we don't trust you' and task you with removing an NCR ranger from a nearby hill, after dealing with the ranger, they will grant you access to the bunker.

The easiest way to get into the hidden valley bunker is to recruit veronica from the 188 trading post (north of Novac), after a while you will get a quest from her called "I Could Make You Care" or something similar, after which the brotherhood will grant you access to the bunker since you are with one of their members (Veronica).
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drifttheoryDNB answered:

The ONLY reason they will attack you is if you have a "disliked" faction armor on. Or if you have shot at or killed a member of the brotherhood. If you have killed one of them you need to reload a prior save or you cant do any quests for them.
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53Ty answered:

Go to Hidden Vally don't wear fraction armour look for there bunker in that area they will capture you and put a slave collar on you. You can't leave hidden valley till you get rid of a ranger in a bunker near there you can talk to him and make him leave or kill him or talk to him get him on your side then go smash his radio and he will actack you look at it twice and he'll actack you. Go during the day always at night is when patrols,scouts,and Scavengers go out .After talking to the NCR Ranger and taking care of him got talk to the elder he'll remove the slave collar
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