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Can you keep your old player?

Can you keep your old player if you hit new game? I was thinking about starting a new game but wondered if it would delete my old game? Can you keep it like in fable?

1sirj16 provided additional details:

What i want to know is if you start a new game will your first character still be available for play? can you select between two players like in Fable?


Stormraven40 answered:

If you are asking if you can restart the game with all your stats/perks from your last play through, than no, you cant. If you beat the game and want to start a new one, you must start from the beginning.

If you are asking if you can have multiple save games at the same time, than yes, you can.
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Monkephant answered:

You can have multiple saves with different protagonists. If you click new game, a new game will start with a brand new character. When you save you can choose a new save file keeping your old character.

If you are asking if you can get a character up to level 15, then start a new game with your level 15, then no you cannot.
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