Question from Monkephant

Asked: 3 years ago

Hard Luck Blues help?

I decide to reroute control to the trapped vault dwellers... But i haven't seen anything to suggest that there even were people down there, is there a place i have to go to meet them or something? The quest was completed as soon as i rerouted it, so i guess its not to big of a deal?

Additional details - 3 years ago

I checked there once and they weren't there, when i went back after reading this answer they were. I guess i just had to wait?

Accepted Answer

From: Bothegreat 3 years ago

After you reroute the trapped vault dwellers, you will find them in the Aerotech Office Park (SE of NCR Sharecropper Farms). Inside the SW building (Arotech Suite 300), you will find 4 survivors from Vault 34.

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