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So... I really screwed up it seems, A little Help?

I am pro NCR right now, so when the time came around I ended up letting Benny go in the Tops Casino. To get the chip from him i am supposed to go to the Fort. I am hated by the legion however and cant get to the king to get the coin. And on top of that I screwed up my save files so im pretty much stuck where I'm at. Does anybody know what i can to to get the coin?


brendole answered:

After you confront benny at the tops, regardless of what you do with him, when you walk outside you should be confronted by vulpes inculta*; he should give you the mark of ceaser* and excuse you of your past crimes against the legion, then invite you to cottonwood cove to travel to the fort by boat.
*Might not be spelled right.
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The_Viewtiful_1 answered:

If what brendole says doesn't work, try getting a Legion uniform as a disguise to infiltrate your way in. If I remember correctly Legion dogs will still attack you, but if you bring a companion, and they kill it you should be alright.
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