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Best beginning stats?

What would be the best beginning stats and perks for a strictly melee character? I have started over several times trying to get the best results with no sucess

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shrooboid313 answered:

You get 40 SPECIAL points in the beginning, 5 on each stat and a spare 5 points.
For your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats I would have:
S: 9 (10 with implant)
P: 5
E: 8
C: 1 (Charisma is a fairly pointless skill unless you're going to rely on companions)
I: 9 (Gets you more skill points to help raise melee weapons skill quicker. 10 with implant)
A: 7
L: 1 (Melee weapons deal very little critical hit damage)

When you get to the statements to agree and disagree say this:
I deal with my problems head on: Strongly Agree
Conflict just ain't my nature: Strongly Disagree

Those are the only statements that affect melee.

For the perks:
Heavy Handed (Increases melee and unarmed power but reduces critical hit damage)
You can take any other perks as long as they don't have a negative affect on weapons. Buy any other implants you wish.
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