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How do I get the key to get to the long 15?

How do I get the key to get past the mohave out post
in to the area of the long 15 ( long I-15 ) and from whom?

HAYEDERSAL provided additional details:

By the way, I read that there's a sequence to getting the keys last night some where in the
postings may I ask how this sequence from the lonesome road to getting these keys
is preformed and what to look for and where to statr looking on the lonesome road DLC?

Accepted Answer

Tommywx answered:

There's no Key to the long 15 But there is a way to access it
First you MUST have the lonesome Road DLC and complete it. If you do then You have to direct the missile to the NCR and the Gate to the long 15 will be open. WARNING! It will be filled with 5-shots-to-the-head-wont-kill ghouls and there will be a unique armour and grenade rifle.
Once you bomb them your reputation will go down but if you have a reputation; Accepted, then the NCR won't attack on sight. The same goes for Caesars legion aswell. BOMB CAESARS LEGION cos you get to go to another location, Dry wells, and another set of unique armour and a weapon. Hope this Helped :)
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