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Pulse Gun?

I'm doing Veronica's quest and it tells me to find the pulse fun in Vault 34. I already grab the gun earlier in the game and I either dropped it or sold it. Anyone know a way to find another one cuz I have no clue where I left or sold it at?


DeadlyShadow40 answered:

If you sold it there is no certain way for u to find it due to the 3 day inventory change for all merchants there is a rare possibility of it still being in the merchants inventory afterwards. If u dropped it it should give u a point on the map of where it is. If u still cannot find it the most helpful solution I can offer is to uninstall the update and buy it from the Van Graffs or (in a rare case) find it on the body of a dead fiend. Don't hold this to me for I have not done this quest in a while and I am rusty at the game. Hope this information helps.
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