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Asked: 4 years ago

Do you have different mode of transportation other than walking?

Driving a vehicle or riding an animal to travel long distances would be better than walking across the map.

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From: beast70 4 years ago

In a recent Q/A on the site gamers hub they said there is a tram.
Q.) Will there be vehicles in New Vegas?

There will be no vehicles that the player directly controls. There is a tram that connects Camp McCarran (formerly McCarran Airport) and The Strip, but that is about it.

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There is fast traveling, but you have to find the places first by walking.

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There will be fast traveling, which can be limited at some times.

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yeah I dont think so there was a car in fallout 2 but there isent a chance its comin back

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i imagen not, the car in F2 worked out because the map wasn't used in the same way as the rest of the game play, and in an FPS style seting it may make it too easy to fight monsters and travel past high level places, borderlands was able to pull it off but it had a liner pergression so i doubt there will be any cars to drive, at lest not at this time in the fallout games, maybe in Fallout 4 or 5 but not with the current system

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