Question from Onasaki

Asked: 3 years ago

Any tips on how to win at slots, Roulette, or Blackjack?

Silly question is silly. But I'm curious, I have terrible luck, I'm guessing it's -based- on the Luck stat as a whole, though. I'm just wondering, if there's any actual tips for it.

Accepted Answer

From: gOwCoD4 3 years ago

Yeah, the higher your luck is, the higher your chances of winning, which are still pretty low anyways. Roulette + Luck = Higher chance of it stopping on the number/color you picked. Blackjack + Luck = Higher chance of drawing 10's, Aces, and Face Cards. Slots is just random, luck just affects how often you win. You need to have luck above 5 to have any of these to work though

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