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Asked: 4 years ago

Where or how do I start the brotherhood quests?

I found the hidden valley but how do I start the quest, Im not that far in the main story line so do I have to progress?

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From: parajumper80 4 years ago

Alternately if you follow the trail between Black Mountain and Hidden Valley , Somewhere in between there is a Crater with a Few Centaurs. Defeat them and go to the bottom there are some Brotherhood of Steel Paladins at the bottom Grab the Holotape, the rifle and the armor. Warning High Rads at the bottom +5 a sec. Go back to the bunker that has the Very High Picklock skill required to open it. Speak into the intercom and tell them the password. * DO NOT* have on NCR Armor on. they will kill you on site

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You have to progress in story and when YES man, House ask you to seek out brother hood they come out of one the bunkers and arrest you specially put you naked XD

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Or you can go to the Robco HQ between Boulder City and New Vegas. Get up to the third floor and find the Dead paladins there. All you have to fight or mister helpers.

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Or have a lockpicking skill of 100 and open the door and you can start it that way without doing any of the above.

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