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Asked: 4 years ago

Where a can repair wepon and armor?

Where i ca repair myy armor and weapon

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From: LordNaughty 3 years ago

Weapons can be repaired with weapon repair kits or by cannibalizing another copy of the same weapon (unique weapons use their mundane counterparts). Armor has no repair kit, and must be repaired using another copy of the same armor. The Jury-Rigging perk changes this and allows armor to be repaired by different armors of the same class (light, medium, and heavy). Likewise, weapons may be repaired by other weapons in the same class.

The following list of NPCs who repair (and their respective skill levels and locations) was obtained from the Fallout Wikia page on Repair. Credit where credit is due.

Dale Barton- Fortification Hill- 30
Samuel Kerr- 188 Trading Post- 40
Calamity- Jacobstown- 60
Old Lady Gibson- Gibson Scrap Yard- 65
Mick- Mick & Ralph's- 75
Major Knight- Mojave Outpost- 100
Paladin Sato- Brotherhood of Steel Safehouse- 100
Raul Tejada- Raul's Shack- 100

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Wow learn how to spell and then someone might answer.

But because im nice...

(repair kits) (similar weapons/armor) (certain store keepers)

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You can go to losts of differant places, but if you want a vendor that can repair too 100% go to Mojave Outpost to the south Major Knight can repair at 100% as soon as you talk to him, good luck getting enough caps for some of those reapirs though, 14k in caps for my MK2 combat armor.

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Thanks (Mana_Beast because i killed Samuel at the 188 trading post for 24,507 caps which he accumulated from me mostly...

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One of your followers can (the ghoul). just send him away to his house and talk to him. also you can use kits, the same weapon, or some store owners. in my experience the ghoul follower is the best because he repairs anything to 100%

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Old lady gibson reapirs tom 90 and shes cheap to

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