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Asked: 4 years ago

Clearing the cache question?

I have heard that clearing the cache will help with some of the game issues like long load times. Are the any negative consequences for doing this like losing the DLC items or removing the patch?


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From: Trodamus 4 years ago

Clearing the cache will remove any title updates, for ALL of your games (you can't just clear it for a particular game). As such, the next time you try to play it will prompt you to update the game, which you should definately do to maintain savegame compatability.

It will not, however, affect your DLCs and you will not need to reinstall them.

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In Fallout 3, for Xbox 360, after you select the game from your Xbox live screen press and hold "X". then release it when you see the Bethesda Software Screen. that will clear the fallout 3 Cache. it worked on Fallout 3. I have used it on Fallout: New Vegas. I can play 3 - 6 hours before game gets jerky and then eventually freezes... Try it!

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No No No..... What you do my friend is as soon as you hit A to start the game from the Dashboard, Hold (Left Bumper, Right Bumper & X) Do Not Release until after the Bethesda\Obsidian Logo comes up. This clears just the virtual memory cache for the game. This dumps all pre-fetched data and allows the game to run smoother. When it slows down, just go to dashboard and redo it to refresh.

The one to clear all corrupted updates and such is as soon as you turn on your systyem, hold down the sync button on your 360 until the Dashboard comes up.

Now to delete evrything, go into your System Settings/Memory Settings/ and Format Harddrive. It says Clear Cache or Format or something like that. It will warn you one last time before you select yes.

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