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Asked: 4 years ago

How do i activate loyal's detonator?

U no 2 raise da B59

Additional details - 4 years ago

Does it have 2 b beeping?

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From: joelmmatos 4 years ago

After you plant the charges on the 2 wings, it should give you a waypoint on the map because you have to be far from the explosion (it's the nearest shore, called something-Bay I think)...After getting there, look towards the lake, press the detonator, and watch the bomber rise.

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Don't forget to equip it - it's a "weapon" so you have to equip it as a weapon and "fire" it.

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Yes, you want the detonator beeping for it to work... until then its like a saftey

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Nothing at all happens when I press the right trigger, even when the detinator is beeping. I cannot figure it out. Glitch?

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Go to the marker and wait for it to beep and pull the trigger

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Look on the local map and find the exact location. When you do, it will beep the fastest. Turn toward the lake and pull the trigger.

That should do it.

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After you have laid the 2 charges on the plane (or whatever they're called) use the world map on your pip boy to fast travel to the sight of the crashed, underwater plane. This should place you on the shore line facing the direction of the plane. Move forward some and then you should hear a beeping noise. That beeping noise will be your sign to trigger the detonator.

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Swin down to the bomber int he lake and place the ballast charges on the wings. Then swim to the concrete boat launch in Calville Bay. Equip Loyal's Detonator and stand by the winch-looking object. The detonator should start beeping rapidly. Pull the trigger. If it does not work your game may be gliched.

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