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Asked: 4 years ago

Reloading bench help?

The wiki site says that one of the reloading bench's purposes is to covert ammo types like 5mm with 5.56mm and .308 with .45-70 Gov't and I want more of the .45-70 but I don't know how to convert them.

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Yeah but the wiki site says you can somehow covert one type of ammo to another Like 5mm to 5.56mm not just making armor piercing and hollow point, I just don't understand how to do that I can breakdown .308 and make .308 armor piercing and hollow point but aparently they can be coverted to .45-70 Gov't but that is the part I don't understand.

Additional details - 4 years ago

Yeah the only thing I don't get is the casings for the .45-70 and I'm sure those are just as hard to find as the ammo itself.

Accepted Answer

From: Darknesse13 4 years ago

There are some ammo types that you can break down to make others of another type (like 10mm to 9mm or something of that type of ammo swap) Breaking-down .308 must not give you all the necessary ingredients for .45-70 gov. You will most likely have to breakdown a combination of multiple different ammos to get everything you need for .45-70 gov.

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Look at the material list. It is on the right side of the menu when you are on the bench and looking at the item in question. If you have all the materials and a high enough skill( also available to see at the requirements side of the menu) you should be able to craft it. You can get many if not all the items needed by breaking down another item. When breaking down an item it shows you what products would be created on the right side of the menu.

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