Question from DarqueDragon

Asked: 4 years ago

What to do about Mr. House?

I am at the point where the NCR has asked me to take Mr. House out of the picture (For The Republic 2), but I also have the open quest of bringing him the platinum chip (The House Always Wins). If I follow the NCR quest, is there a way to keep Mr. House alive to continue that quest, or do I have to kill him?
Basically, I want to get the achievements for finishing both Mr. House's questline and the NCR one in the same playthrough, if possible.
Please, no spoiler answers.

Accepted Answer

From: Panzy_Punter 4 years ago

It's not possible. You have to do either The House Always Wins, For the Republic, Render Unto Caesar, or Wild Card. You can't do all, just one per playthrough.

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