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What are implants?

Where do you get them and how many can you get?

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From: Dreadsword101 4 years ago

^ Really? I'm tired of people like you. You know... the ones that use "ur" instead of "your" and go copycat with answers.

If you want a basic on Implants without having to check out the Wikipage. Here:

Implants provide a S.P.E.C.I.A.L increase of 1 depending on which Implant you want. There are also special Implants (Literally) which have unique effects. Your Endurance at the start of the game will determin how many Implants you can get. You need a Endurance of 9 to get every Implant. Raising your Endurance by using console commands, using items that give you an Endurance increase for a short time or buying the Endurance implant will NOT increase the number of Implants you can get. Only Intense training works.

Here is a list on the Implants and their costs.

■Strength: Hypertrophy Accelerator - 4,000 Caps (3,000 if your Strength is lower than 3)
■Perception: Optics Enchancer - 4,000 Caps (3,000 if your Preception is lower than 3)
■Endurance: Nociception Regulator - 4,000 Caps (3,000 if your Endurance is lower than 3)
■Charisma: Empathy Synthesizer - 4,000 Caps (3,000 if your Charisma is lower than 3)
■Intelligence: Logic Co-Processor - 4,000 Caps (3,000 if your Intelligence is lower than 3)
■Agility: Reflex Booster - 4,000 Caps (3,000 if your Agility is lower than 3)
■Luck: Probability Calculator - 4,000 Caps (3,000 if you Luck is lowr than 3)

Special Implants:

■NEMEAN Sub Dermal Armor - Adds 4 points to your total D.T. Costs 8,000 Caps.
■PHOENIX Monocyte Breeder - Adds hitpoint regeneration at a rate similar to that of the Solar Powered Perk (1 HP / 10 sec). Costs 12,000 Caps.

Implants are found at the New Vegas Medical Clinic which is outside of the CCC or one of the Freeside gates. Can't remember which one.

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This page contains all you need to know.

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Implants increase ur special by 1. cost 3000-4000, plus impant for higher DT and impant for Regenering ur HP. the number of Endurence is equal to how many implant u can get.

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