Question from BRefuse

Asked: 3 years ago

Where can I find the key to lucky 38's SUB-BASEMENT?

fallout new vegas how to get into the sub basement of lucky 38, ive done all Benny's guests, and Yes man is already at Lucky 38? Help please

Accepted Answer

From: Tum81Apa 3 years ago

you don't need the key. INSTEAD, convince Benny to go to the presidential suite, forgive him. Do whatever it takes to move faster than him. Because he'll immediately start sprinting to the sub-basement door. get there first. and it's UNLOCKED. then you can freely explore and have fun in VAULT 21. until you sadly reach a door requiring another key. then you're out of luck.

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Why would you need to go there?
If it's to upgrade the Securitrons you're automatically Transported there at the relevant point in the quest.

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and if its through the walkway thats in Benny's room, you can't go through it, maybe it's a door for a future dlc?

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