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Asked: 3 years ago

glitch in I Put a Spell on you?

It says to report to Colonel Hsu but there is no dialogue option to do that. Any way to fix this?

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I have had the same problem. I believe it was my second character. anyways no there is no way to fix this that i know of. i have tried just about everything. Maybe its just a bug that they didnt fix or something?When i made a new character though i didn't have the same problem. Hope that helps.

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This quest is known to be really glitchy, especially if you're playing the Legion side. I made it through the quest just fine playing as an NCR-friendly character, but as a Legion-friendly character, I encountered some glitches that are not fixable.

You could always try clearing your console's cache and reloading your gamesave, but that's not a guaranteed fix.

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I have had the same problem twice. I did it again last night and it worked. In a previous one i saved the monorail & it wouldn't let me finish it(pre patch). I did it last night (post patch) and couldn't save the monorail and then talked to Hsu and it completed.

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