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Asked: 3 years ago

How do you kill Ulysses?

Lonesome Dove PC add on

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From: Wusai 3 years ago

I shot him in the head a few times. Eventually he laid down to take a dirt nap.

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Take some chems, like Med-X and Psycho. If you have Honest Hearts you can take some Yao Guai Meat and get a 10% damage increase. With Old World Blues you can make Battle Brew, which gives you 35 DR. That, combined with Slasher and Med-X will give you 85 DR. After being pumped full of the good stuff, target Ulysses's Eyebots. Go down the staircases and don't touch the blue lasers. After using the consoles to deactivate the Eyebots, focus on Ulysses. Use AP rounds on him because he has 13 DT. Use your most powerful weapon on him. Once he's down you'll be swarmed by Marked Men. Hopefully your chems are still in affect, otherwise you'll be in a sticky situation.

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Simple 3 plasma grenade ought to do it that's how i beat him even though he regenerates faster then shooting him but he cant regenerate grenade damage

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