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Enemy/Boss Help Answers
.What are all the endings? 3
Are there mirelurks in this game? 4
Brotherhood/NCR Hostility? 2
cabazdor OP? 16
Can somebody please help me i need help really fast so i can go on with the game? 10
Easy Pete must die!!!!!!!!? 5
Healing Poisoned Companions? 2
Hey I need help boomer people gang keep killing me how to pass and take out their place for vengence for killing my dog? 10
How can I better my reputation with The White Glove Society? 10
How can you kill a deathclaw easy? 22
How do I beat a deathclaw? 12
How do I beat around 6 Legionary Assassins? 2
How do I beat Deathclaw Alpha Male/ Deathclaw Mother? 6
How do I beat Elijah(Dead Money)? 3
How do I beat Lanuis? 5
How do I beat Legate Lanius? 28
How do I beat Legate Lanuis? 8
How do I beat the Radscorpions easily? 45
How do I defeat Legate Lanius? 14
How do I find the special enemies? 1
How do I get to great khan encampment without getting killed by deathclaws? 5
How do I kill Mr . House? 14
How do i kill President Kimball? 2
How do you kill Ulysses? 3
How to kill a deathclaw? 39
Hpw ling will the Kingsbe Agressive? 1
I dont know why i cant beat these guys? 3
I want to take the high road and spare Benny at the camp. How? 3
If I kill an NPC, do they stay dead forever? 2
Is this a glitch or just dumb luck? [Spoilers] 3
Nightkins??? 6
What Groups are Good and which are Bad? 6
What is the best way to kill legate launius ? 1
Where can you find the deathclaws ? 3
Where is the Radscorpion Queen? 2

Quest/Puzzle Help Answers
(The Great Khans) Where do I get the final piece of evidence for Regis? 2
.Boone doesnt take ny ranged weapons? 3
After getting power armour training and ageeing to be trained - what do i do next? 2
Am i totally and completely screwed? *Spoilers* 4
Arcade Gannon's quest? 3
Area 51? 5
Arizona Killer? 1
B-29 Ballast Detonator won't work? 3
Benefits of helping Hardin? 3
Black Mountian possible glitch? 1
Bommers? 1
Bos and Yes Man? 1
BoS help!?! 3
BoS Lazer Pistol? 2
Camp Searchlight? 3
Can i keep Cass alive and finish the Birds of a Feather quest? 3
Can someone help me find Harland's girl? 1
Can you find the location where Benny shot you? 4
Can you gain follower trust without them being with you? 2
Can't Start the quest How Little We Know? 2
Cannot complete "I Fought The Law?" 1
Cant find issac of the gun runners? 4
Cass (Whiskey Rose) Disappears from Mojave Outpost? 7
Come Fly With Me possible different ending? 1
Come Fly with Me potential glitch? 3
Companions? 2
Cursor Lucullus is dead. How do i get to the fort?? SPOILERS 1
D ead money companion escort 2 ? 1
Dead money help? 6
Do I have to destroy the Brotherhood of Steel? 7
Do ravens serve any purpose? 4
Does the K-9 brian i pick affect Rex in any way? 1
Ed-E question? 2
ED-E Upgrade? 5
Enclave? 1
Evil gnome? 4
Factions? 2
Fallout New Vegas Ghost Town Gunfight quest help ( very minor spoilers) ? 2
Fallout New Vegas, "I Put A Spell On You" irritating glitch? 1
For the Republic 2 Help? 2
For the republic II, HELP!? 1
For the Republic part 1? 1
For the Republic Part 2 - Great Khans? 2
Found Vance's gun, when I go to the casino to return it I can't? 1
Getting boones companion quest? 8
Getting into the Strip? 2
Glitches?? 1
Hard Luck Blues help? 1
Hardcore mode? 2
Having an issue with Ed-e My Love quest? 1
Help with (Ring-a-Ding-Ding!) - Where can I find evidence for Swank? 2
Help with making Brotherhood/NCR alliance? 1
Help with Scribe Ibsen? 1
How can I get supplies of red meat for the cook at McCarran? (unmarked quest) 1
How come Cachino won't let me finish the quest "How little we know"? 6
How do I access "The House Always Wins, VI"? 3
How do I ally with the Kahns if I started the quest with Commander Moore? 2
How do I complete(Crazy,crazy,crazy)? 2
How do I convince Jack and Diane to side against Caesar? 2
How do i destroy the Brotherhood of steel Bunker? 1
How do i escape dead money with gold bars? 1
How do I figure out who killed Boones wife? 10
How do I find Evidence In Dino-De Lite Lobby? 6
How do I find the key, or get into, the NCR Correctional Facility? 3
How do I find the NCR guys? 1
How do I find the Talent Pool quest? 1
How do I firebomb the vent in Vault 22 in "There Stands the Grass" w/o dying? 6
How do I get Cassidy to follow me in the Birds of a Feather quest? 1
How do I get ed e to follow me? 2
How do I get ED-E back from April Martimer? 1
How do I get into Mr. houses bunker without a platinum chip? 1
How do i get into the gun runners? 4
How do I get my equipment back in "still in the dark"? 2
How do I get my rep good in goodsprings? 2
how do i get NCR to like me again? 2
How do I get past the locked door in Vault 22? 2
How do I get the best good ending possible? 3
How do I get the Euclids C-finder without killing NCR troopers? 5
How do I get the keys for the NCR/Followers of the Apocalypse safe houses? 1
How do i get the khans to join the NCR? 2
how do I get the NCR to assault Primm? 1
How do I get the NCR to side with the BOS? 2
How do i get the passport to get into The Strip? 2
How do I get the wild card achievement? 2
How do I get to the Boomers without being blown up? 9
How do I get to The Fort? 2
How do I kill Mr. House? 3
How do I open remants bunker? 6
How do i rule new vegas? 5
How do I save the monorail? 13
How do I solve "Still in the Dark"? 2
How do I solve (Debt collector)? 2
How do I solve Birds of a Feather or Heartache by the Numbers if Cass is missing? 1
How do I solve control tower in ncr base camp newvegas? 2
How do I solve e d-e my love? 10
How do I solve ED-E my love? 2
How do i solve For Auld Lang Syne?HELP! 1
How do I solve King's Gambit? 1
How do I solve the "Debt Collector" quest? 4
How do I solve the Heartache by the Numbers quest to get the Calm Heart perk? 1
How do i solve the virus problem in the brotherhood of steel mission? 5
How do I solve Wang Dang Atomic Tango? 1
How do I solve Wheel of Fortune quest ? 13
How do I Start "For Auld Lang Syne"? 9
How do I start dead money? 4
How do I start the brotherhood of steel mission? 1
How do I start the quest for Boone to become my companion? 1
How do I start the quest in vault 34? 1
How do I talk to ceasar? 1
How do I use the raft in Cottonwood Cove? 3
How do you get Lily to listen to the rcoerding of her grandchildren? 1
How do you get the key to open a set of doors in sunset sarsaparilla headquarters? 1
How do you get the platinum chip if Benny leaves the tops and heads to the legion camp? 13
how do you get to Ranger Station Foxtrot? 1
How to find Mr.cuddles for the 2nd time in new vegas? 2
How to find the quest dealing with contreras? 6
I am in a bad situation? [Spoilers] 1
I cant find the evidence for the quest "The Coyotes"? 1
I Could Care Less conundrum? 1
I Forgot to Remember to Forget.... how do i start it? 6
I found a singer and a guitarist out in the Mojave?...(Help) 1
I have acadre? 1
I need help on the "I put a spell on you" Quest...? 3
Is it possable? 1
Is it possible to complete all endings? 1
Is there a dlc that allows you to continue after the main quest? 2
Is there a quest for boone? 3
Is there a quest that gets you into the Abandoned BoS Bunker between Nelson and Camp Forlorn Hope? 2
Is there any alternate ways to beat the Dead Casino DLC? 1
Is this another glitch for "I Put a Spell On You"? 1
Isolating the virus? 2
Jacobstown? 4
Killing all the Nightkins in the basement? 1
Kings Reward? 2
Legend of the star? 4
Lilly and Guess Who I Saw Today? 1
Medical mystery? (spoiler) 1
Melissa is hostile. Why? 2
Message from Elijah to Veronica? 1
Mr. House Platinum Chip? 2
Need help finding place? 1
Oh My Papa. Some Help? 2
One for my baby help. (possible glitch)? 5
Partitioning the Terminals (Bugged?) 5
Plastic Surgery Anyone? 8
Platinum chip confushion? 1
Ranger station Charlie? 2
Raul's quest? 2
Remnant bunker!?!? 1
Repairing the food processor in McCarran Airport? 3
Save president kimball? (spoilers) 2
Sergeant McGee...??? 2
Sex bot? 13
Should i destroy the bunker or upload the data for ? 1
Someone to watch over me? HELP? 1
Still in the dark Vault 3? 1
Still in the Dark? 3
Stuck on 1st step of "Put the Beast Down"? 1
Terminal hacking? 2
That Lucky Old Sun (Help)? 1
The Courier Who Broke the Bank ? 3
The Friggen Fort? 1
The Omertas (Gomorrah) are aggressive to me. How can I calm them down? 1
The Tops Casino is hostile to me? 1
There Stands the Grass ? 1
Vault 34 quest? 3
What about Lily? 1
What do I do with Morales's body? 1
What do I do? 3
What happens if I kill Jean-Baptiste Cutting? 1
What quest line is the pure good side? 5
Where can i find Hsu? 1
Where can i find radiation suits? 2
Where can I find star bottlecap collector/tressure? 4
Where did Lt. Hayes go? (Spoilers) 2
Where do i find Boone exactly? 1
Where do I find the gun that went missing from the Vikki and Vance Casino? 2
Where do the ghouls in "come fly with me" go??? 3
Where do you find the key for the 2nd floor of the broadcast building at Black Mountain? 2
Where do you take Ranger Morales corpse? 1
Where does the quest Return to sender start? 1
Where is Ambassador Crocker? 7
Where is Freeside located? 1
Where is the missing Laser Pistol for the Brotherhood Quest? 1
Where is the sexbot? 7
Where is the well someone fell into? 1
Where or how do I start the brotherhood quests? 4
White-Glove Society? 1
Who is the optimal choice for Primm's Sheriff? 4
Who's quest do i have to do to get to the hoover dam battle? 2
Why are all House's Securitrons hostile towards me? 6
Wild Card Factions? 1
Will I be able to Kill Mr. House after finihsing all of his quests? 1
WTF I need help with Climb Ev'ry Mountain quest? 2
Wtf!?!?!? 5

Item Location Help Answers
.50 Cal ?? 3
10MM Silencer? 1
Acquiring the HEPA cartridge filters? 4
Ammo Plans? 3
Anti material mods? 5
Any idea where the Ranger Sequoia is at? 7
Anyone find anything cool Underwater yet? 5
Anyone find anything really good in a Hidden Rock ? 2
Anyone have issues with the Weathered 10mm? 8
Anyone know where the unique chainsaw,and light-MG are? 1
Armor, Eyewear, Weapons, etc? 5
Badges? 4
Besides the damping thing what other minigun mods r there? 2
Best non power armor and non faction armor? 1
Bobblehead? 1
Books? 1
Brotherhood of Steel and Power Armor? 1
C-4 and .40-75 gov.? 1
Can drop boxes be used as storage? 2
Can someone PLEASE make an ingredient FAQ? 1
Can u put nods on maria? 1
Can you get the alien blaster without the wild wasteland perk? 1
Caravan cards not in deck? 2
Cateye ?? 1
Col. Hsu's key? 2
Combat Armor Renieforced? 1
Companions/Factions? 3
Custom Anti-Material Rifle? 1
Dead Money skill books? 1
Deathclaw gaunlet and Weird glitch?? 1
Do I have to do something specific to get the BoS power armor training? 1
Does magical companion ammo? 1
Does the Cowboy perk work with the Brush gun? 1
Does the ranger helmet really have LLV? 1
Does the Vault 13 Canteen help towards your dehydration meter in Hardcore mode? 2
Energy weapons/ starter? 1
Euclid's C-Finder? 2
Euclids C-Finder How do I get it to work with out killing the NCR? 1
Euclids C-Finder??? 5
Fat Man..where to find? 1
Fists? 2
Ghoul Mask or similar? (Possible Spoilers Ahead) 3
Guass rifle and energy mods? 3
Gun runners? 1
Head Armor? 1
Helios One space laser? 2
Help All American Carbine? 1
Help with understanding what ammo goes to what gun?? 3
Holotapes or letters? 1
How can i get remants telsa power? 1
How do I get in the Bon Vivant suit in the Ultra-Luxe casino? 1
How do I get la longue carabine? 16
How do I get my companions to equip weapons/armor? 3
How do I get my weapons back at the Tops Casino before leaving? 4
How do i get the 1st recon armor from boone? 1
How do I use Tremble/Silver Sting/Mother Darkness? Can I use it/them as a weapon mod? 1
How do I work a reloading bench? 5
How do you add cards to your Caravan deck? 8
How do you repair a weapon? 1
How do you smoke cigarettes? 3
How do you take off weapon mods? 1
How do you use a bobby pin? 1
How many total Skill Books are in this game? 2
How to get the gold bars and live? (Dead Money) 5
how to get the unique plasma at repconnHQ? 2
How to install a scope? 2
I can't get rid of the addiction to ant nectar? 1
I lost boone!?.. 1
I need help farming for caps? 9
If my luck is higher do I get better stuff? 2
Is it possible to change trait? Spoilers 2
Is tanned gecko hide useful at all? 5
Is the doc in the beginning the only one in the world? 1
Is there a "special" version of the Light-MG? 1
Is there a Chinese Stealth Armor in this game? 2
Is there a Remnants Power Armor? 3
Is there a weapon in this game that is similar to the dart gun in FO3? 1
Is there any other way to get the terminal key Fantastic has at Helios 1? 2
Is there any way to store your items? 3
Item list out there? 3
Legion Ear? 1
Lottery Ticket.. Can and where can I turn this in? 3
Lucky 38 VIP Keycard? 3
Lucky? 1
Magical Companion Ammo? 1
Marksman carbine or all american marksman carbine? 1
Matthew Animal Husbandry Farm (Diary note 1)? 1
Mini-Nuke vendors? 2
Modding Unique Weapon? 3
NCR emergancy radio? 3
NCR veteran ranger armor and range Sequoia? 2
Old World Blues: Can I only make one of each skill book at the workbench? 1
Pimp boy 3 billion ? 1
Plasma Def. Scope mod. GRA or NOT? 2
Putting on Weapon Mods/Attachments? 1
Q 35 Matter Modulator? 1
Q-35 matter modulator? 2
Random items- will it be like in Fallout 3? 2
Ranger Combat Armor? 3
Rare weapons? 2
Raul help? 3
Reloading bench help? 2
Repairing with Mods ? 1
Rex's brain? 1
Rex's Brains? 2
Rifle at Snipers Nest? 1
Safe house?? 16
Scrap Electronics? 2
Shishkabob!?!? 2
Sniper rifle locations? 2
Steal Suit Mark II Helmet? 1
Sunset Sasparila? 2
That weird ammo? 2
This Machine? 1
Trenchcoats? 1
Unique hunting shotgun? 2
Unique sniper rifle? 1
Unique weapons locations? 8
Vance's submachine gun? 1
Vault 21? 2
Vault 34 terminals where is the one that unlocks the rooms i need to get in to get the good wepons ? 2
Veronica + dead money? 1
Veteran Ranger Armor minus the violence??? 4
Weapon Mod List? 2
Weapon mods? 1
What are all the weapon mods can you find ? 2
What do i do with disassembled weapons shipment? 1
What do I do with these items? 1
What do Snowglobes do to you? 1
What does this gun do? 3
What gun will repair "That Gun"? 2
What is best way to make money? 4
What is everything i can get addicted to? 3
What is the Billboard Blueprint used for? 2
What is the point of the up hotkey always being taken? 1
What is the Poison for? 1
What is the Radioactive Supply Cache? 1
What is up with the jar of chlorine? Also i found a jar of food additive? 2
What is with the cybernetic brain in Helios one observation level? 2
What's all the "star" bottle caps get ya? (spoiler?) 1
What's the solar panels for? 1
What's with the food sanitizer? 1
Whats the best energy weapon combo? 2
When I put objects in2 my workbench case at the lucky 38 they always disappear by the time I return 2 it. Why? 1
Where a can repair wepon and armor? 6
Where are the keys for the armory and the door the main quest led me to in vault 34? 1
Where can I buy stimpaks in bulk? 1
Where can I buy/find Stealth Boys? 3
Where can I buy/get skill books? 2
Where can I find (Pimp-Boy 3 Billion)? 2
Where can I find (Shishkebob or schematics )? 2
Where can I find .45-70 Gov't rounds? 1
Where can I find .50 MG Match Hand Load ? 1
Where can I find 10 dose of fixers????? 5
Where can I find 100 peices of metal? 1
Where can I find a 12.5mm submachine gun and/or hand gun? 2
Where can I find a chainsaw? 3
Where can I find a Followers lab coat? 1
Where can i find a good gun store? 1
Where can I find a holdout? 1
Where can i find a home to keep my stuff? 27
Where can I find a passport to The Strip? 4
Where can I find a person that buys Pre-War books? 2
Where can I find a repair skill book? 1
Where can I find a shovel? 7
Where can I find alot of sunset sarsaparilla star caps quickly? 12
Where can I find ammo for the recharger weapons? 1
Where can I find an dress for Veronica? 2
Where can I find any companion? 1
Where can I find Brotherhood armory key? 5
Where can I find cerulean robotics? 1
Where can I find CF frames easily? 1
Where can I find cosmic knives after beating dead money? 1
Where can I find Elite Riot Armor? 1
Where can I find Fortification Hill? 1
Where can I find gauss gun? 3
Where can I find GIANT mantis eggs that show up as GIANT in my inventory? 1
Where can I find grenade machine gun? 1
Where can I find house upgrades? 1
Where can I find Jumpsuits? 1
Where can I find lots of legion ears? 2
Where can I find more ARCHII charges for my c-finder? 4
Where can I find sensor modules? 1
Where can I find skill magazines in regular stock? 1
Where can I find sniper rifle suppressor? 1
Where can I find snowglobe in Dead Money? 1
Where can I find tesla cannon (the regular tesla cannon)? 2
Where can I find the (Ballcap with glasses)? 1
Where can I find the .50 Sniper? 4
Where can I find the best shotguns? 4
Where can I find the Fire Station & Police Station keys in Camp Searchlight?? 2
Where can I find the gatling laser? 1
Where can I find the key to lucky 38's SUB-BASEMENT? 3
Where can I find the key to the ruined store in freeside? 1
Where can I find The Lucky 38 VIP Keycard? 3
Where can i find the MG machine gun? 1
Where can I find the mysterious magnum? 1
Where can I find the NCR safehouse? 1
Where can I find the person who wants my collection of Severed Heads? 1
Where can I find the Ranger Duster thing, shown on the cover? 1
Where can I find the rebreather? 1
Where can I find the regular tesla cannon? 2
Where can I find the rest of the cover guy's outfit? 2
Where can I find the shishkabob? 1
Where can I find the skill books? 4
Where can I find the Snow Globe in the Lucky 38 casino? 3
Where can I find the stealth boys in the basement of REPCON facilty? 1
Where can I find the unique huting rifle? 1
Where can i get a lot of throwing knifes or Hatches? 1
Where can I get the access code for the Flight Simulators? 4
Where can I Mr cuddles(boomer teddy)? 3
Where can I sell specific items? 2
Where can I use my Legion Ears I've been collecting? 1
Where can you find a unique hunting shotgun? 1
Where can you find the m1 garand in this game? 1
Where do I find all the SPECIAL implants? 2
Where do i get a scope? 1
Where do I get the Ranger Sequoia? 4
Where do my companions guns go? 2
Where exactly is the Chinese stealth armour in this game? 1
Where is the dress Victoria wants? 2
Where is the Lost Laser Pistol? 5
Where is the NCR Safehouse? 2
Where is Vances machine gun? 2
where to get Mantis Eggs? 3
Who do I help for the BoS safehouse? 2
Why are basic items different to use than Fallout 3? 3
Why are shotguns weak? 2
Why can't I find 5mm hollow points or Cowboy Repeater Custom Action? 1
Why is it that none of the raider helmets, except for Cook Cook's, not appearing at all in my game? 1
Wild wasteland perk? 2
Will this game have power armor? 17

Strategy/Tactics Help Answers
Any equipment you use to boost a stat, and never remove (like Lucky Shades in FO3)? 2
Any tips on how to win at slots, Roulette, or Blackjack? 1
Anybody got any good tactics for taking on the Deathclaws? 6
Best beginning stats? 1
Best companion??????? 1
Cant seem to win at caravan? 2
Caps caps caps caps caps??????????????? 3
Does anyone else want to destroy their console in anger whenever they fight cazadores? 12
Does Paralyzing Palm still work if you use Crosses or Upper Cuts?? 1
Factions in which you get amazing stuff?????????? 1
Gambling? 3
Gun runners break in? 2
Health, Hardcore mode, Sleeping? 3
How can I get my NCR Reputation up? 1
How can I raise my reputation with the Great Khans? 1
How can I steal something from someone's pocket? 1
How can I temporarily raise my barter quickly? 2
How do I save the president in the mission "you'll know when it happens"? 1
How many companions are there and what are their names? 1
How many times can you use the Intense Training perk? 2
How to complete "For the Republic" quest line without destroying the Brotherhood of Steel? 1
How to order Boone to snipe enemies? 2
How to ReEnter the Strip??? 2
If you maximize your Skills before hitting the current level cap(45) will it prevent you from leveling up? 1
Is Goodsprings the only town that has a purified water source ?? 2
Is there any sort of strategy for gambling...? 2
Is veronica any good? if not what is the best companion combo? 2
Level 30 perks? 2
Messup up Lucky 38 suite? 1
My first 2 perks are lost !?! 1
Old ben infinite exp glitch? 1
Perfect 10 stats? 2
S.P.E.C.I.A.L-giving items and bonuses? 1
S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats for beginning? 1
Veronica recruitment issue? 1
What are good and balenced S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats for starting? 10
What are the best ways to get good Karma? 4
What does DPS mean ,and what is the difference beatween DR and DT? 1
What happens once you get to an 100 saves on hardcore mode ? 2
What is the best equipment for the different companions? 3
What is The Best Spot to Level? 4
What is the best strategy for preventing the Tops dealer from getting multiple blackjacks? 3
What is the best way to increase my luck stat? 4
What is the better ED-E upgrade? 1
What is the fastest way to beat the game on Hardcore mode and get the achievement? POSSIBLE SPOILERS 3
What is the Nuka Chemist perk? 1
What to do about Mr. House? 1
What type of apparel is best for sneaking? 6
Which is the best route to take when ending fall out new vegas? Which route makes you the better person! 1
Who killed boones wife? 4
Who should i have with me? 1
Why is Rex a coward? 5

Technical Help Answers
About deleting the dead money add on? 2
After loading the strip, game freezes, how can I fix this? 5
Ant Nectar Addiction... Howdo I get it cured? 2
Anyone else have trouble loading maps after a few hours of play? 4
Arcade Gannon problem. Help? 2
Calazone posion? 1
Can someone help me with the patch? 1
Can't pass the fountain.. help please? Dead money DLC 2
Can't send my companions to the suite in the strip? 1
Cannot Level Up?!?!?!?!?! 2
Clearing the cache question? 3
Companion disappeared? 1
Companions stealing? 1
Computer hacking glitch? 2
Do I require fallout 3 to play this or is it a stand alone expansion? 5
Euclid's C-finder help? 1
Game freezes during game load? 7
Game Freezes while trying to walk away from Trading Post 188? 1
Glitch help- any way to get around this? 5
Has anybody else become locked out of the Strip? 12
How do I complete the ED-E mission? 2
How do i fix what i believe is a corrupted save/items? 1
How do I get the creatures at the Thorn to fight? 1
How do you sell items? 1
How do you turn off the radio (annoying)? 1
I can move but cant look around? 2
I Could Make You Care? 1
I Fought The Law? And lost! *Contains Spoilers* 1
If I tell a party member to leave(questions)? 2
Is there any way around this? 1
Is there supposed to Be perks for every level? 3
Is this a glitch? 2
La Longue Carbine? 1
Loading problem? 1
Modding? 2
My Game locks up my Xbox everytime I try to get to the Fort? Can anyone help? 1
Ncr ranger helmet? 3
Need help getting out from lucky 38! ? 1
So after i completed Dead Money and returned to the BoS base? 2
Suddenly I need a key to get into New Vegas? 2
The final word on bugs? 1
Train tunnel help? 3
unique weapon Q-35? 4
Veronica won't be companion? 2
What is a "patch"? 1
Where did Vulpes Inculta go? 2
Where is Rex!?! 2
Why am i stuck in cinematic mode? 1
Why cant i fast travel and stop my game freezes?(possible spoilers) 1
Why cant i see my companions in the cocktail lounge? 1
Why does the camera freeze with E4-E? (minor spoilers) 1
Why is arcade disappeared in my game? 1
Why won't Boone wake up!?! 4
won't let me access hardcore mode... Why? 5
Wrap around? 1

Other Help Answers
(How do i reach Red Rock Canyon? "Alive Preferably") 1
(Where do i get Power Armor Training?) 1
*Spoilers* What's everyone's favorite follower and why? 2
10 Endurance implants? 1
2nd dlc - A lonely road release date? 1
? Fixing the auto-dock caser tent 1
Abandoned Brotherhood of Steel bunker ? 8
About Companions? 2
After becoming vilified by any faction, can you reset it to Neutral? 2
All American Carbine? 1
Ammo and Guns ??? 2
Anyone Experience this? 1
Are all the cheats being fixed? 1
Are the Bugs and Glitches that bad on this Game? 1
Are there any quests that don't end in this game? 1
Are there glitches for this game? 1
Are there good rewards for helping factions? 2
Black Ranger? 10
Booby traps? 2
Boone got pissed and left, can I get him back? 1
Boone or Veronica? 2
Boone? 1
Boonie? 1
Brotherhood of steel is missing from the bunker??? 1
Can I buy a house? 1
Can I free roam? 1
Can I live in a casino? 1
Can i recover a gamesave. Please help.? 1
Can I still shop at Gun Runners if i break in? 1
Can the pre-order bonus be applied to an existing save? 1
Can you bring followers in DLC's? 1
Can you change your appearance later in the game? 5
Can you climb up to where the white dome is at the REPCONN test site? 1
Can you continue the game after the quest all or nothing HELP? 1
Can you find legates camp even if you dont do the all or nothing quest? 2
Can you join factions like the NCR? 1
Can you still get the all companions achievement if you completed birds of a feather? 1
Can you use your character from fallout 3? 5
Can't find Veronica? 2
Can't move on? 1
Can't repair my vault 21 jumpsuit anymore? 1
Caravan Rules? 1
Carrying over stat attributes? 2
Cass help? 1
Christine? Dead Money 1
Compainians Locations List? 2
Companion and Transport? 1
Companion Drop-Off? 1
Companion questions? 1
Companion Storage? 1
Companion's weapon? 1
Companions ? 2
Companions after Dead Money? *Spoiler* 1
Companions Casiono Gone? 1
Create a pretty woman? 2
Damage Factor Achievements? 1
Dead Money loaded into my save? 1
Dead money return? 1
Dead Money? 2
Did i just f**k myself? 1
Difficulty/exp earned? 1
DLC pack? 1
Dlc?? 1
Do BoS members respawn? 1
Do you have different mode of transportation other than walking? 5
Do you have to have a high charisma? 2
Doc Mitchell doesn't repair my items anymore? 2
Does anyone know which merchants sell energy weapons besides the van graffs? 2
Does karma have any use in this game? 1
Does the "confirmed bachelor" perk make me into men? 5
Does the game just end? 2
Does the patch fix all of the infinite caps glitches? 1
Does this game have multiplayer capabilities? 1
Ed-e and Rex disappeared at Lucky 38...Glitch orrr....>?< 1
Ed-E disappeared after lucky 38 for good? 2
ED-E is missing, is there a fix? 1
Elijahs ramblings perk? 1
Ending Exp Points? 1
Energy Weapon Build. Help Pls? 1
Equipping weapon mods? 3
Explosive Collar ??? 2
Fallout 3 or new vegas? 4
Fallout boones fam? 1
Finger? 3
First System Update? 3
Friend dog? 1
Gaining Fame without Assassins? 1
Gambling Bugged, can't see what I'm doing, why? 1
General Oliver ??? 1
Glitches??? 2
Goodsprings School House? 1
GRA Achivements? 1
Hair? 1
Having problems adjusting view....? 1
Healing? 1
Help Leveling up and getting caps? 1
Help with the bunker under the Legion Fort (legion is hostile)? 1
Help! Stuck in vault 21? 2
How can I create a melee/explosive person in hardcore mode? 1
How can I determine the number of skill points gained each level? 2
How can I raise my "The Strip" Reputation? 1
How do I change my companion's clothing/armor? 2
How do i decrease my infamy for the NCR after i have been vilified? 1
How do i get ed-e back? 1
How do i get enclave power armour quest? 1
How do I get Lily and Rex in my party while I have Boone and ED-E? 2
How do I get out?? 1
How do i join the legion? 6
How do I recronstruct my face? 1
How do I restore my DLC's? 1
How do I sell items I'm carrying? 1
How do i...? 1
How do iI change my hair? 4
How do S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats compare to regular stats? 3
How do you change hud color? 1
How do you get Arcade Gannon to follow you after you send him to the Lucky 38? 2
How do you make a character use a gun? 1
How exactly do i get the all companions Achievement? 3
How many extra s.p.e.c.i.a.l points can i get during a game? 2
How many main companions(followers) can you have at a time?? 1
How many mods can be put on one weapon? 1
How much diferece has New Vegas? 5
How much does The DLCS' cost? 1
How often do shops resupply? 1
How often do trader's inventories update? 1
How to get rid of -1 agility? 1
How to pickpocket properly? 1
I found a real bad bug!? 4
I have two alien blasters? 1
I just got to level 3, why couldn't I choose a perk after assigning skill points? 2
I need help with arcade? 2
I'm freaking out right now? 1
I'm overencumbered, what do I do? 1
I'm stuck at level 30 even having downloaded every DLC....WHY? 1
If i kill a person from the brotherhood of steel will they stop trying to kill me after 24 hours away from them? 1
If I switch the difficulty will I still get the hardcore achievement? 2
Iphone App? 1
Irridiated mine shaft? 3
Is Fallout New Vegas a good game? 1
Is Fallout: NW region free? 1
Is it possible to max out your skills in this game, or will it be harder to do than in Fallout 3? 1
Is the ending fixed yet? 1
Is there a robot, or npc, that can alter your Hairstyle much like Fallout 3? 2
Is there a way to change companion weapon/appearal? 1
Is there anything in lake mead cave? 1
Is there anything that does constant damage? 1
Is there anyway? 1
Is there player housing similar to fallout 3? 17
Is there someone else I can give snowglobes to? 1
Jacobstown House? 1
Killing mr house? 2
Legion Assassins? 1
Locked out of the New Vegas strip? 2
Lost companions? 17
Lucky 38 Collector's Chip? 3
Lv30 xp max skill points? 1
Magazine effects wearing off? 2
Mods for "That Gun"? 1
Money glitch HELP ? 7
More Factions? 1
NCR & Legion currency question? 2
NCR Hostility in 'For the Republic, Part 2' (some spoilers)? 1
Need help with NCR and BoS? 1
New Game + ??? 2
New Vegas screen tearing?? 5
No ed-e quest?? 3
No one is in the Vikki and Vance Casino? 3
No Preorder bonus code from EB games? 1
Once you've maxed a skill via Tag & leveling up, do skill books/mags, meds, etc.advance that skill beyond 100? 1
Packs? 1
Password to ramos terminal? 1
Perk negation? 1
Perks? 1
Permanent Alcohol Effects? 1
Power gangers? 2
Pre-order bonus code help?!?! 1
Problems with the NCR *after* I shot up the Tops? 1
Random Completion Messages ??? 2
Randomly attacked by securitrons? 1
Rex Dissapeared? 2
Seeing Black and White? 1
Should I get this Game? 1
So quickdraw character? 1
Surviving underwater? 1
Switching Hardin for McNamara good or what? 1
Terrifying Presence? 1
Tesla Armor ???? 1
That Gun? 2
The repair skill? 1
The road SOUTH of the outpost? 1
The scariest place in new vegas? 9
Trick for Rep.? 1
Trophies/Achievements ? 1
Unique Weapons ??? 2
Up on the d-pad? 3
Using the Mojave Express Dropbox? 1
Vanishing Companions? (Xbox) 4
Vault 11? 2
Vault 22 help? 2
Vault 34 ???? 1
Vault 34? 2
Was this supposed to happen? 1
Were do you learn the uppercut and cross? 1
What am I doing wrong? 1
What are all of the families that you can do quests for? 1
What are all of the receipies/skimatics you can find in fallout? 1
What are all the answers for the NCR guy in the squatter camp for G.I. Blues? 1
What are implants? 3
What are some cool things that the wild wasteland perk does? 2
What are the rewards for completing the game in Hardcore Mode? 5
What does the "You feel lucky" message mean? 2
What exactly different between Fallout 3 and New Vegas? 1
What happened to behemoths? 1
What happens if Victor dies BEFORE you get to the Strip? 2
What is a Deathclaw? 3
What Is Karma? 1
What is the .38 Special Round used for? 2
What is the are the karma levels in fallout New Vegas? 1
What is the difference? 1
What is the maximum level you can reach? Anyone know? 1
What went wrong? 1
Whats The Best Safehouses? 3
When are the add-ons coming? 1
When will the expansion packs come out on a disc? 2
Where are the people that can repair my stuff? 1
Where can you find the gun runeers? 1
Where did 10 of spades, Betsy, Sterling, and gorbbets go? 1
Where did Jake from Nellis AFB go? 1
Where do I learn the special Unarmed moves? 1
Where do your companions go? 1
Where is Arcade? 1
Where is camp golf? 1
Where is the burned man? 2
Where is the Enclave? 9
Which exploits still work with the most recent(version 1
Who are all the companions and how do i get them? 1
Who is the guy on the cover? 2
Who or where can you get the the armor on the cover from? 2
Why are my other companions killing Lily? 4
Why can't I drop the camera given by Michal Angelo after completing his quest? 1
Why can't I find ed-e? 1
Why do i lose karma even without witnesses? 1
Why do NCR Rangers attack me on sight? 1
Why does my reputation keep reseting? 3
Why does Veronica's voice sound blurry now? 1
Why doesn't it let me play caravan? 2
Why don't people have the option to play caravan (card game) anymore? 3
Why is Boone eating my supplies? 2
Why isn't Arcade equipping the Plasma Rifle I gave him? 1
Why won't Arcade join me? 1
Why won't my character level up? 14
Wild Wasteland? 1
Will AI companions switch weapons dynamically? 1
Will the KIng ever forgive me? 1
Will the super mutants in New Vegas be like the ones in D.C? 1
Will there be a Multyplayer in Fallout: NV ? 4
Will Veronica stay loyal? 1

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