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Answered Questions Answers
How can you kill a deathclaw easy? 22
Where a can repair wepon and armor? 6
Where is the sexbot? 7
What are good and balenced S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats for starting? 10
How do I figure out who killed Boones wife? 10
Do I have to destroy the Brotherhood of Steel? 7
What is the best weapon and armor in the game? (possible spoilers) 18
Where do you find the key for the 2nd floor of the broadcast building at Black Mountain? 2
How do I open remants bunker? 6
How do I kill Mr . House? 14
Recent Questions Answers
I have saved so many clothes and weapons i dont never need or use--can i sell them for caps or salvage? 1
Don't Tread On The Bear! Help? 1
Glitch during "I Could Make You Care"? 0
Where can you buy tons of radaway? 1
Is the Hotkey Ammo Glitch still working for you guys ? 0
Can someone make me a explosives/unarmed build? 0
Possible to carry fall out vegas original game save to ultimate new game? 1
Oh Papa Khan Help? 0
I have a glitch with the Wild Card: Side Bets quest. Can I fix it? 0
Patches? 0
  • Total Recent Questions: 10
Unresolved Questions Answers
Where can i find Mellissa for Oh my papa ? 5
What is the best faction to side with in the end of the game? 6
How do I gain access to the Remnants Bunker? 2
How do I get the platinum chip from Benny at the fort? 8
Best Special Skills numbers? 5
Where can I find Advanced Power Armor? 5
Where can I find Sugar Bombs? 2
Where can I find schematics? or recipes for weapons - player made items 8
Where can I find (more alien blaster ammo)? 2
Advice on building the Ultimate all-round character? 7

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