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Open Questions

Quest/Puzzle Help status answers
*Spoilers* The Lonesome Road Add-on? Open 1
.Republic part 2? Open 1
1. I dont understand? (dead money)? Open 2
Ant Misbehavin'? Open 4
Boone disappeared? Open 4
Boones quest? Open 6
Boulder City SHowdown? Open 2
Boulder city showdown? 182)398/): Open 1
Brotherhood's new leader? Open 6
Bug or mistake on quest? Open 2
Can i get Arcade Gannon's quest before I pick a side to win the war? Open 10
Can't open Hidden Valley Bunker L1 ? Open 5
Can't Start Heartache By the Number? Open 2
Cant complete 2 of my quests help? Open 6 this game rigged so the computer wins or what? Open 1
Come Fly With Me glitch? (Chris Haversam wont respond) Open 1
Companion missions? Open 5
Companions quests? Open 5
Computer Locked What Now? Open 3
Corporal Sterling? Open 2
Curtain Call at the Tampico? Open 2
Dead money put the beast down? Open 4
Ed issue? Open 1
ED-E help!? Open 6
Factions ??! Open 2
For the republic part2 help? Open 1
For The Republic, Part 3? Open 1
For the republic/you'll know when it happens? Open 2
G.I. Blues (can't negotiate w/ NCR?) Open 6
glitch in I Put a Spell on you? Open 3
Guess who I saw today? Open 1
Having trouble with Lucky old sun? Open 2
Hoe do I eliminate Elijah's Vault forcefield? Open 1
How can I get supplies of red meat for the cook at McCarran? (unmarked quest) Open 1
How come Cachino won't let me finish the quest "How little we know"? Open 5
How do I beat crazy crazy crazy?? Open 6
How do I continue the NCR questline? Open 2
How do I destroy Brotherhood of Steel base? Open 3
How do I enter Miguel's Pawn Shop during the Contreras mission? Open 1
How do I find Barton Thorn's lady? Open 2
How do I finish the quest oh my pappa when ur on Caesars side? Open 2
how do I get back into a towns good graces if they hate me? Open 1
How do I get ideal conditions for reclaiming Nelson (Restoring Hope)? Open 1
How do I get into the fort as a Female? Open 5
How do i get Rauls Vaquero outfit? Open 2
How do I get to Long 15? Open 3
How do I get to the Boomers without being blown up? Open 9
How do I help Yes Man without failing "Don't Tread on the Bear"? Open 2
How do I reach Ceaser? Open 4
How do I solve "You'll know it when it happens"? Open 2
How do I solve (You'll know when it happens)? Open 4
How do I solve Arizona Killer? *Possible Spoiler* Open 6
How do I solve come fly with me? Open 3
How do I solve ED-E my love? Open 2
How do I solve eyesight for the blind and crazy crazy crazy quests? Open 1
How do I solve For Auld Lang Syne? Open 3
How do I solve For The Republic , part 2? Open 2
How do I solve I Forgot to Remember to Forget? Open 2
How do I solve Old school ghoul? Open 1
How do I solve Return to Sender quest? Open 2
How do I solve still in the dark? Open 1
How do I solve Sunshine Boogie? Open 5
How do I solve the probem of getting into Caesar's Fort? Open 1
How do I solve the puzzle name? Open 2
How do I solve wheel of fortune? Open 1
How do I start ace in the hole; you and what army? Open 1
How do I start Boone's quest? Open 4
How do I start the quest to finish off the powder gangers if I've saved Goodsprings? Open 3
How do i start the un-marked side-quest for the companion Veronica ? Open 2
How Do I start There Stands The Grass? Open 1
How do start the the quests you get an achivements for completeing ? Open 3
How do you finish "I Could Make You Care" quest? Open 6
How do you get the quest King's Gambit from Crocker? =/ Open 1
I came across a bug?? Open 4
I cant get the rebreather? Open 2
I put a spell on you (Legion) Monorail just sits there? Open 2
I put a spell on you??? Open 4
I'm stuck in the bos bunker while doing veronikas quest, how do i get out? Open 2
Is it possible to do Render Unto Caesar even if you talked to Mr. House first? Open 2
Is there another location to find Brotherhood holotape for ED-E quest? Open 2
Keep the BoS alive? (spoilers?) Open 4
Keep Your Eyes open? Open 2
Killing off the khans? Open 3
Need help on the quest "For The Republic,Part 2"?!?!!!!?!?! Open 3
New Perks? Open 5
Oh my papa help? Open 1
Ok, i found the backstage key...? Open 2
Paladin Hardin and Elder Mcnamara? Open 1
Please help me1? Open 1
Problems with Volare? Open 3
Quest location? Open 1
Quests for veronica? Open 1
Render unto caesar? Open 6
Restoring hope? Open 2
Searchlight NCR dogtags? Open 1
Securitrons for the NCR? Open 2
Securitrons??? Open 3
The house always wins IV (Mr. house glitch)? Open 3
The Whole Gang's Here? Open 2
Things That Go Boom Quest Help? Open 2
Veronica will not activate her quest. (I could make you care)? Open 1
Veronica's quest? Open 1
Westside? Open 2
What are all the quests for the companions ? Open 2
Where can I find a ghoul cowboy? Open 2
Where can i find Mellissa for Oh my papa ? Open 5
Where do i find Isaac for the McCarran Arms Supplies Unmarked Quest? Open 4
Where do i find Papa Khan? Open 3
Where do i find raul the ghual? Open 4
Where is the Macarren Monorail? Open 1
Which companion ?? Open 3
Which quests fall under which factions? Open 2
Who do the legion ears go to? Open 1
Why cant i do the xp glitch with old ben? Open 2
Why does Elder McNamera keep saying he going to lift the lockdown? Open 2
Why won't Moto-Runner talk to me? Open 1
X BOX 360 Fallout New Vegas,Volare,raising the B12? Open 3
Item Help status answers
A blank named toy car, possibly bug/easter egg? Open 1
Acquiring the HEPA cartridge filters? Open 4
Alien Blaster Glitch? Open 2
Alien Blaster? Open 1
Any Starter Packs that people don't want? Open 4
Anyone find anything cool Underwater yet? Open 5
Aqustic Guitar? Open 5
Assasult carbine mods? Open 4
Best Special Skills numbers? Open 5
Best weapons ? Open 9
Breaking down surplus ammo? Open 2
Can I get power armor training without helping the brotherhood of steel? Open 8
Can i have your tribal or mercenary pack?? Open 4
Can Someone help me figure out how to get the Pimp-Boy 3 Billion when Troike is dead? Open 5
Cannot buy or sell items? Open 1
Caps? Open 4
Caravan? Open 3
Cook-cook's head/snowglobes? Open 3
Crafting glitches? Open 2
Dead Money Complimentary Vouchers? Open 4
Did they remove the ability to build the Dart Gun, Rock-It Launcher, etc? Open 5
Differences in armor types? Open 2
Do merchants restock items? Open 3
Does anybody knw where I can find a desperado hat? Open 3
Duping? Open 3
Good Mods? Open 4
Harper's Shack? Open 2
Hey i need help finding the desert ranger armor you know the guy on the case on fallout new vegas? Open 6
Hot Plate Location? Open 1
How can i get the pass phrase for the remnnats bunker? Open 5
How do I get a NCR radio so I can call for a ranger companion? Open 3
How do I get la longue carabine? Open 16
How do i get the weapon all american in vault 34? Open 5
How do you do a power attack? Open 6
How do you get caravan deck if Ringo is dead? Open 3
How do you get companions to switch weapons?? Open 5
How do you make custom weapons? Open 4
How does the infinite magazine exploit work? Open 2
How many times can the Euclid-Cfinder be found, because i found it 4 times in Freeside? Open 4
How often do vendors respawn clothing items? Open 2
I lost my eyebot? Open 10
I need a Hunting Rifle Scope or a Night Scope dose any one know Where to find one?? Open 5
If I left any item on the ground or in a locker far from any of my safehouses, will it stay there when I get back? Open 2
Implant advice? Open 5
Is it just me or after using the infinite caps glitch on traders mess up the NPC itself? Open 5
Is there a easy to find gun that is strong like the alien blaster from fallout 3? Open 11
Is there a way to use the Flight Simulators at Nellis Airforce Base? Open 2
Kid with gun in freeside? Open 2
List of richest or best people to sell stuff to? Open 3
Lost Items after Ed-E upgrade(minor spoiler i guess)? Open 3
Lost my Items? Open 2
Lucky (Unique Magnum) Possible spoilers? Open 3
NCR armor with bloused pants? Open 1
NCR armour trouble? Open 1
NCR Ranger combat armor? Open 1
Not sure the requirements of unlocking NCR Ranger combat armor? Open 5
Pip-Boy 3 Billion ? Open 6
Presidential Suite and More improvements? Open 3
Prison key? Open 1
Pulse Gun? Open 1
Ranger armor? Open 1
Remnant "faction" armor? Open 3
Repairing my gun? Open 5
Rex hp says 100/0? Open 4
Space suit? Open 4
Stealth field for Stealth Suit Mk II? Open 1
Stress and the Modern Refugee: A Primer / Tiny, Tiny Babies: All You Need to Know About Pediatric Medicine? Open 3
Sturdy caravan shotgun ? Open 2
Super weapons? Open 5
Survival Food Recipes? Open 1
Tesla cannon vs Beaton ammo? Open 4
The Rock-It Launcher? Open 2
There are next to no nuke colas and i need more!!!??? Open 2
Thruster Control Module? Open 3
Underwater fighting? Open 2
Van Graff combat armor help please? Open 8
Weres a good place to buy ammo? Open 4
What "home" is the best option for player housing? Open 1
What about big weapons of mass destruction!!? Open 3
What armor goes best with the 1st Recon Beret? Open 3
What is the best weapon and armor in the game? (possible spoilers) Open 14
What is the max item quantities that can be carried [2 questions] ? Open 1
What is the strongest armor? Open 4
What is the whole point of the pimpboy 1billion? Open 2
What items should I start collecting early in the game that will prove useful later on? Open 6
When is the atomic wrangler open and the addicts who i need to cure dere? Open 1
Where can I find (5mm ammo)? Open 1
Where can I find (alien spaceship)? Open 2
Where can I find (Ede)? Open 3
Where can I find (key to the X-42 robo-warfare facility)? Open 1
Where can I find (key)? Open 2
Where can I find (more alien blaster ammo)? Open 2
Where can I find (Mr. House's Bunker)? Open 1
Where can I find (Rebreather)? Open 2
Where can I find (REPCONN 2nd floor key)? Open 2
Where can I find (rocket gun)? Open 3
Where can I find (stealth boys)? Open 2
Where can I find 10 dose of fixers????? Open 5
Where can I find a (chinese sword)? Open 2
Where can I find a bonesaw? Open 1
Where can i find a good gun thats easy to retrieve? Open 2
Where can I find a katana (gra)? Open 2
Where can I find a mini-nuke?? Open 1
Where can I find a raider blastmaster helmet? Open 2
Where can I find a shovel? Open 7
Where can I find Advanced Power Armor? Open 4
Where can I find and/or buy Pulse Grenades/Mines? Open 4
Where can I find any secret gun that does over 20 dam. or is a very fast shooting one ? Open 1
Where can I find Cherry Bombs? Open 1
Where can I find energy weapon ammo? Open 2
Where can I find Key for 2nd Floor Repconn building? Open 1
Where can I find Maria? Open 5
Where can I find Merc Charmer outfit? Open 2
Where can I find missiles? Open 1
Where can I find Mods for the Cowboy Repeater? Open 3
Where can I find More blue star caps? Open 2
Where can I find NCR Dog tags for restoring hope? Open 4
Where can I find passport other then at nick and ralphs? Open 2
Where can I find power armor training, power armor, and good guns? Open 2
Where can I find schematics? or recipes for weapons - player made items Open 8
Where can I find Sugar Bombs? Open 2
where can I find telsa cannon and power amour? Open 1
Where can I find the Anti-Material Rifle? As well as Ranger Patrol Armor? Open 4
Where can I find the canteen? Open 4
Where can i find the items for the air filtration for the BoS? Open 1
Where can I find the key card? Open 1
Where can I find the key to the abandoned brotherhood of steal bunker? Open 6
Where can I find the key? Open 1
Where can I find the Patriot's Cookbook? Open 6
Where can i find the power fist called pushy? Open 1
Where can I find the reverse pulse cleaner? Open 3
Where can I find the shovel for digging in the graves? Open 4
Where can I find these? Open 3
Where can I find this machine? Open 1
Where can I find Troike after completing the quest How Little We Know? Open 3
Where can I find Vendors for GRA? Open 1
Where can I find Veronica? Open 1
Where can I find Violet's Head? Open 2
Where can i fint the Fat Man and Mini Nukes im Pissed off now? Open 3
Where can I get an Anti-Materiel Rifle? Open 2
Where can I get my items back? Open 1
Where can I Sell Expensive Items? Open 6
Where is Gun Runner? Open 2
Where is it ??? Open 4
Where is Max with the Euclid C-Finder? Open 1
Where is the great khan amorer? Open 1
Where is the Lost Laser Pistol? Open 5
Where is the ranger delta station? Open 2
Where is the smmg? Open 1
Where to find a plastic surgeon? Open 4
Which rifle is best? Open 1
Why can't I buy explosives? Open 2
Why can't I throw grenades more than a few feet? Open 2
Why is the chinese stealth armor has no stealth field ? Open 2
Wild wasteland perk?? Open 2
Young hearts Quest??? Open 2
Zion map plz? Open 1
Level Help status answers
'Come Fly With Me' quest? Open 3
Activating "I Fought The Law" ??? Open 4
Arcades quest? Open 2
Can you do For the Republic...? Open 2
Companion Quests? Open 2
Dead Money DLC, gas leak? Open 2
Deathclaws at Quarry Junction? Open 3
Fallout New Vegas:For the Republic Part 2? Open 1
Great Khans - Help!? Open 2
Help getting out of Vault 22? Open 4
How do I find Carlitos? Open 2
How do i find the brother hood ? Open 2
How do I get Elijah to show up? Open 1
How do I get into Mr. House's bunker!?? Please help! Open 1
How do I get into NCR Ranger Safehouse? Open 1
How do I get into the caves of vault 22??? Open 1
How do I get into the members only/high roller areas of the casinos? Open 2
How do I get out of Hoover Dam? Open 2
How do I get past (Ring-A-Ding-Ding)? Open 2
How do I get past Hiest of the centuries? Open 2
How do I get past how little we know? Open 2
How do I get past New Vegas Strip? Open 3
How do I get past the house always wins IV? Open 1
How do I get past the part towards the end with having to deal with Dean Domino? Open 3
How do I get past The vault in dead money? Open 2
How do I start the NCR quest line? Open 1
How many locations are there in the game? Open 4
I am trying to cross the River. Please help? Open 1
Is there any real creepy locations? Open 5
It won't let me finish the quest "i'll put a spell on you. Anyone know why? Open 2
Maxing Out Stats? Open 3
Months? Weeks? Open 2
Northern Passage? Open 4
Speakers = Death? Open 1
Stats Achievement?? Open 2
Vault 13? Open 2
Vault 22 Data? Open 4
Vault 34 blocked areas? Open 1
Vault 34 rooms? Open 1
What is the best faction to side with in the end of the game? Open 4
When should I save? (Possible Spoilers) Open 2
Where did my companions go? Open 1
Where do i find 2 Keys for Vault 19? Open 2
Where do i find scorpion gulch? Open 1
Where do I go for " For The Republic " after I beat T.H.A.W. IV? Open 1
Where is Freeside? Open 2
Why do I randomly get attacked in the Ultra Luxe? Open 3
Why do the Silver Rush guards attack me? Open 2
Will they ever increase the level cap? Open 2
With The House Always Wins III? Open 1
Strategy Help status answers
Advice on building the Ultimate all-round character? Open 7
Arcade Gannon problem)? Open 1
Bean Bag Ammunition Saves Couriers? Open 2
Bet more that 200 chips? Open 3
Brotherhood of Steel help? Open 1
Damage Threshold? Open 3
DEATHCLAWS!? Help Open 6
Do the New Vegas citizens in the sewers inventory respawn? Open 2
Do you need all companions alive? Open 2
Does medium armor effect your stealth? Open 1
Ed e my love mess up? Open 2
Gambling bans? Open 1
Guns - .223 ammo, bad idea or good early game choice? Open 3
How can u keep makeing money from the casinos woth out geting banned from them ? Open 4
How do i gain access to HELLIOS one? cant find gate entrance! Open 4
How do I reduce negative NCR reputation? Open 2
How to get Fame for BoS? Open 1
How to I raise karma on the strip? Open 1
In the Legate's camp, I was thinking of using the Complementary voucher glitch to do so, will that work? Open 1
Is it a possible to use wats for achivements? Open 1
Is there a way to increase luck? Open 4
Is this build good? Open 1
Is veronica any good? if not what is the best companion combo? Open 2
Main quest boomers glitch? Open 2
Plastic surgery ? Open 3
Saving? Open 2
Strength stat vs weapon sway? Open 3
Using temporary boosts to get perks? Open 1
What are good and balenced S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats for starting? Open 6
What is the best combination of companions to use ? Open 1
What is the best follower? Open 5
What is the best strategy for Boomers? Open 5
What is the best strategy for escaping Vault 38? Open 4
What is the best strategy for fallout new vegas? Open 1
What is the best strategy for preventing the Tops dealer from getting multiple blackjacks? Open 3
What is the easiest way to get kicked from the casinos? Open 4
What should I do now??! Open 1
Where are the followers in this game? Open 2
Where do I pick up Boone again? Open 3
Why can't I fire my campanions to the lucky 38 presidentual suite? Open 1
Why Do I Have To Destroy The BOS? Open 2
Why does my VATS accuracy top out @ 76% when I'm close to enemy? Open 4
Why does the NCR hate me after putting on Ranger Armor? Open 3
Will sniper and commando stack with trigger discipline? Open 3
Technical Help status answers
After Finishing Dead Money on Fallout i run into trouble help? Open 1
Are any of the actual bugs fixed? Open 2
Auto save corrupt? Open 1
Blurred and Darkened Graphics?? Open 3
Boulder City showdown glitch? Open 1
Bugs when transitioning from one BoS elder to the other? Open 3
Can i Continue the game without? Open 2
Can't talk to Dog/God? Open 1
Can't talk to ranger grant in protecting the president quest for the NCR? Open 1
Cant Complete Quests? Open 1
Cant Level Up? Open 3
Casino Chips Glitch? Open 4
Companion Glitches??? Open 1
Corrupt Saves? Open 1
Dead Money problems, PLEASE help? Open 1
Dead Money Won't Initiate...? Open 1
Dead money wont open!? Open 2
Do the patches for this game fix all glitches? Open 3
Does anyone else have the game stall? Open 1
Does Fallout New Vegas on the XBOX360 have Legacy Sticks? Open 2
Does the Classic pack code have an expire? Open 1
Dog/God glitch????? Open 1
Ed-d Rex lucky 38 ? Open 2
EDE has disappeared but is apparently still with me....? Open 5
Eurka Quest Problem? Open 1
Game Forever Loading? Open 2
Game Freezes in Camp McCarran? Open 1
Game freezes when entering certain areas? Open 1
Game freezes when I max load mutant Grandma and Rex, does anyone have a way around it? Open 1
Geting into the srip? Open 2
glitch - old lady Gibson crash on buying? Open 1
Glitch problem? Open 2
Glitches? Open 2
Hardcore Mode Achievement Glitch? Open 4
Hardin (glitched)? Open 1
Has there been an update on safehouses? Open 1
How can i load Dead Money? Open 1
How do i finish the "i put a spell on you" quest? Open 1
I Lost Boone? Open 1
Im not getting more skill points each level....why? Open 1
Infinitely long load screen...? Open 2
Iv lost Cass and Ed-Es buggerd off!? Open 2
Loading a save game problem? Open 4
Monorail bomb glitch? Open 2
My disc has a ring burn in it ? Open 5
My game freezes when i walk into ultra lux and they ask for my weapons is my game gliched?. Open 2
NCR keep attacking me even tho im accepted why is this happening? Open 3
New fallout? Open 1
Nipton glitch, post patch glitch? =@ Open 2
No ps3 internet connection. Impossible to play? Open 1
Problems with the camera, revert back to 3rd person view? Open 1
Raul won't fix my stuff if he's my companion? Open 5
Reputation and NPC hostility problem, can anyone help? Open 2
Right stick glitch? Open 2
SPOILER - Why does the game keep freezing when I try to enter The Fort? Open 1
Team mate weapon's missing? Open 1
The thumbsticks seem to be switched? Open 1
Victor Death, Glitched?! Open 1
What does the patch do??? Open 2
When is the newest patch going to be released? Open 1
Why can't I leave the weather monitoring station after completing mission? Open 2
Why does ed-e attack me after i go to get him? Open 1
Why does everyone in the Old Mormon Fort keep shooting me? Open 2
Why does it keep freezing on the same spot on this legion mission? Open 1
Why does it say my storage device is unavailable? Open 2
Why does my game keep freezing at a certain place? Open 1
Why does my xbox shut down..? Open 1
Why does the game change the controller settings? Open 1
Why does the game keep telling me (no d/l content)? Open 3
Why don't computer screens show up? Open 1
Why dont I get more skill numbers? Open 2
Why is Fallout: New Vegas not showing up in my played games? Open 2
Why is file corrupt? Open 1
Why is this game such a glitchy piece of crap? Open 1
Why won't Boone won't move in follow? Open 3
Why won't my Fallout New Vegas install on my PS3? Open 1
Why won't my fallout new vegas load? Open 1
Why won't the game won't load? Open 3
Why won't Veronica move? Open 1
Other Help status answers
(Do Deathclaws Respawn?) Open 6
(How to report a bug?) Open 1
(Mod downloads?) Open 2
(Need More Perks?) Open 1
(Slayer Perk Bugged?) Open 5
*Spoilers* What's everyone's favorite follower and why? Open 2
2nd DLC? Open 3
About companions ? Open 2
About vault 19 quests? Open 1
Aliens? Open 1
Alot of rocket toys? Open 1
anyone else have the y-3 implant perk during LR stop working? Open 1
Anything good in the room in the tunnle to nellis a.f.b.? Open 1
Are there vaults in new vegas? Open 1
As a female, are some Legion quests blocked? Open 2
Beginning traits/O.W.B? Open 1
Being attacked at Captain Dean's Boat Rentals? Open 1
Black mountain 2? Open 1
Black mountain? Open 1
Boone 'What is it' bug? Open 1
Boone Glych? Open 1
Boone isn't following me, anyone have any ideas? Open 2
Boone's Rifle *glitch*? Open 3
Bos fame problum? Open 2
Brotherhood like me but try to kill me? Open 2
Camp Searchlight radio and computer parts? Open 2
Can I get the Legion Assault perk without helping the Legion? Open 1
Can you cheat in casino's? Open 3
Can you find Benny without doing the quest for Manny Vargas? Open 3
Can you keep your old player? Open 2
Can you rest your skill points? Open 1
Can't find Ed-e after letting him go to help Rex. Can any one help? Open 5
Caravan Pack Glitch? Open 2
Christine in Dead Money and Old World Blues? Open 2
Companion dissapearance? Open 6
Companion Glitch? Open 1
Companions didn't return to Lucky 38? Open 2
Companions going bad? Open 1
Companions gun? Open 2
Companions pros/cons? Open 2
Dead money dlc glitched!?! Open 1
DEAD MONEY ENDING VAULT GLITCH? (I'm trapped even after i watch the video) Open 1
Dead Money Gold Bars? Open 2
Dead Money Hates Me:(? Open 1
Dead Money lvl Cap ? Open 1
Delta Force/Navy SEAL Build Help? Open 1
Did I screw up ? Open 3
Did the chinese drop nuclear bombs on the whole world? Open 5
DLC - Pre-ordered copy of Fallout NV:CE? Open 1
DLC playing after game ends? Open 1
DLC threw EBAY? Open 1
Do companions all have subqeusts once they join? Open 1
Do Completing Optional Quest Steps Give You More XP Points? Open 2
Do shops replinish their stock overtime? Open 2
Does anyone kno when the next dlc comes out? Open 1
Does the pre-order bonus require an Xbox LIVE connection to play? Open 3
Ed-d not there ? Open 1
Ed-e has disappeared!? Open 2
ED-E is gone? Open 1
End of Legate Lanius Quest - Help? Open 1
Energy build help pls? Closed other on on accident Open 1
Eye shapes in Character creation? Open 1
Fallout New Vegas - BoS bunker is locked with no way in? Please help! Open 1
Fallout New Vegas - Entrance to New Vegas ? (repost and added help) Open 2
Finishing the dam game? Open 1
Flags of our Foul Ups glitch? Open 3
Followers wont go back to the lucky 38 for me? Open 2
Found all companions, but when I go back to Luck 38 their not all there. Help? Open 1
Getting myself to neutral...? Open 1
Getting rid of cass? Open 1
Giant ant farm? Open 1
Hacking? Open 3
Hardcore Achievement glitch perhaps? Open 1
Hardcore end prize??? Open 1
Hardcore mode question? Open 2
Help with Boone? Open 1
Help with BoS attacking me? Open 2
Help with what to do next? Open 1
Hey i need to know when do i get mister sandman perk? Open 2
Hidden Valley Problem? Open 2
Houses? Open 3
How are skill points calculated? Open 1
How can i fix my reputation with the Legion? Open 1
How can I make game harder? Open 2
How can I meet the king? Open 2
How do i control the securitron mark 2 that i upgraded ? Open 1
How do I fix broken bones for Companions? Open 2
How do I free the creatures at the Thorn? Open 1
How do I gain access to the Remnants Bunker? Open 2
How do I get Arcade Gammon's quest? Open 3
How do I get ED-E back after it disappeared after getting knocked unconscious? Open 5
How do i get to Legates camp in fallout 3 new vegas on xbox 360? Open 3
How do i increase my speech in level 30 ? Open 2
How do i make weird skin tones? Open 1
How do I pass the quest You'll Know It When It Happens?" Open 2
How do I rehire Cass? Open 1
How do I stop the Omertas from attacking the strip? Open 1
How do I surrender if I get caught stealing? Open 2
how do you find the key to benny's back room after yes man/ Gammorrahs sub-basement? Open 1
How do you get people to folow you?? Open 1
How do you restart quests on Xbox 360? Open 1
How is the Dead Money DLC? Open 8
How long does it take Hardin to replace McNamara? Open 1
How many companions can stay at the Lucky 38? Open 2
How to access Debug Room? Open 1
How to better NCR rep after games completed? Open 1
How to get into my suit at the Lucky 38? Open 1
How to lower SPECIAL stats? Open 1
how to make Hardin elder? Open 2
I need to find more quests? Open 1
I think I messed up? Open 1
If I killed The White Glove Society cashiers, is it impossible for me to get The Courier Who Broke the Bank achievement? Open 1
If you can pick the next location for the next fallout where would you put and why? Open 1
In New Vegas do you get a house? If so, which town do you get it in? I'm tired of walking arund encumbered. Open 7
Infinit speech loop (old world blues)? Open 1
Infinite Withdrawal Symptom? Open 1
Invisable Nightkins? Open 2
Is anyone else having a problem with the xbox 360 save files on here? Open 3
Is anyone elses "Questin' Mark" challenge stuck at 2/5? Open 5
Is cannabal johnson a follower? Open 1
Is Dead Money worth the money? Open 3
Is Harper's Shack Safe? Open 1
Is it possible to actually join the NCR instead of just siding with them? Open 1
Is the Game localized? Open 1
Is the Gibson Shack safe to display things? Open 1
Is the NCR safehouse safe to store items ? Open 3
Is there a unique police pstol knife spear and holorifle if there is where can i find em ? Open 1
Is there a use for the woodchipper? Open 2
Is there a way to bring people back to life after they have died? Open 2
Is there a way to change the radio nevada playlist? Open 2
Is there a way to get into the Crashed B-29 plane? Open 2
Is there a way to recall companions? Open 2
Is there like a cool bunker that i could use to store stuff? Open 4
Legion Assassins Glitch? Open 1
Legion benefits? Open 2
Legion? Open 2
Lost Companion/Follower - Help??? Open 1
Lost ED-E? Open 2
Male jackal gang leader facial settings?? Open 1
Money glitch doesn't work!!?? Open 3 vegas? Open 2
Multi-reputation improval glitch?! Open 1
My guy is just stuck in front of Elder McNamara? Open 4
NCR and BOS? Open 1
NCR keep attacking me??? Open 4
NCR random hostility? Open 1
NCR reputation glitch? Open 2
Need cheat code, cure addictions. Please? Open 1
Need help getting companion out from the lucky 38? spoilers Open 1
New save = replay DLCs? Open 1
New Vegas: 'Still in the Dark' help? Open 3
Opening the command prompt? Open 1
Perk Question [DLC]??? Open 1
Please I need help getting one follower just at least one can someone help me? Open 1
PLZ help me? Open 3
pre-order DLC? Open 1
Presidential Suite Noir? Open 2
Primm?? Open 2
Question regarding Lonesome Road, (Close to) max S.P.E.C.I.A.L., and Old World Blues? Open 1
Rangers attack me for no reason? Open 2
Raul the Ghoul is missing??? Open 1
Rex help? Open 3
Rogue Ed-E? Open 1
Rotate held Item? (XBOX360) Open 1
Save belong to different user? But I'm the user, it's only my other PS3! Open 1
Should i get it on pc? Open 1
SPECIAL stats...Luck? Open 4
Suite Companions? (minor spoiler) Open 3
The NCR is after me, but they are not coming? Open 1
The New Vegas strip near empty? Open 1
The tops safehouse? Open 1
Ultralux Casino Cashier is dead, how do I buy chips? Open 2
Unique weapons? Open 2
Unlocked every achievement but only says 73 out of 75? Open 1
Use different packs on same console? Open 1
Vampires? Open 7
Veteran Ranger Help? Open 3
Vilified By The Legion. Is there any way to become neutral? Open 3
VR codes At BOOMER base? Open 1
Way around the two companion limit? Open 3
Weapons Disappearing? Open 2
Weird glitch in Helios One? Open 2
What do you do after the ending??? Open 2
What do you think the new dlc is gonna be like? Open 1
What does this number mean? Open 1
What factions are most beneficial to befriend? Open 1
What happened? Open 2
What happens if I mod?? Open 1
What would happen if i were to delete all of my current DLC? Open 1
Whats So special about new vegas? Open 6
When does Vendortron refill his caps? Open 1
Where can I find a veteran ranger? Open 1
Where can I find Arcade Gannon? Open 3
Where do i find ten of spades at Camp Mcarren? Open 2
Where is Joe Cobb/ the black powder ganger yelling at the lady in goodsprings? Open 1
Where on the map is HELIOS one? Open 2
Where on the map is Vault 11? Open 3
Wheres the best spot to level up at levels 13 through 17? Open 1
Wheres the door to the northern passage? Open 1
Which DLC Should I Get? Open 2
Whst are the other available companion choices besides ed-e and veronica? Open 1
Why cant i get into new vegas? Open 2
Why cant leave my room? Open 1
Why do ceasers legion mongrels attack me even if im wearing legion armor and have the mark of ceasar? Open 5
Why do the ncr officers attack me? Open 3
Why does Rex kill engineers in Hoover Dam randomly? Open 2
why has Rex died? Open 1
Why is this happening? Open 3
Why won't my character level up? Open 14
Why won't my companions go to Lucky 38? Open 2
Will the DLC be going onto a disk? Open 2
Wtf?? Open 1

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