• Achievements

    Complete each achievement to receive the allotted gamerscore.

    Bonus Bonanza (15)Grab all the bonus food in the Bonus Round.
    Bubble Bobble Master (15)Clear Classic or Arrange Mode in Super difficulty.
    Bubble Bonanza (15)Defeat 5 or more trapped enemies in one go.
    Food Master (20)Collect all foods.
    Happy Ending (25)Clear Classic Mode with the Happy Ending.
    Incredible Appetite (15)Eat up a total 20 big food items.
    Jewel Master (20)Collect all jewels.
    Skilled Explorer 1 (10)Find all 3 secret rooms in Classic Mode.
    Skilled Explorer 2 (15)Find all 7 secret rooms in Arrange Mode.
    Speed King (10)Clear the first 10 rounds of Classic Mode in under 3 minutes.
    Sunny Side Up (15)Defeat 5 enemies on top of a frying pan with Fire Bubbles.
    Super Happy Ending (25)Clear Arrange Mode with the Happy Ending.

    Contributed By: Guard Master.