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How do I get past level 72?

On level 72, you start out in a box that's impossible to get out of.


TheGrimDoogle answered:

This may be one of the worst levels since they decided to change the bubble jumping mechanic.

The best way I've found is to get up against the wall, then jump and turn trying to minimize the movement of your character. If you've done it right you'll have just enough room to jump and blow bubbles without popping them immediately.
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incendiary84 answered:

Problem is that the bubbles go down and not up, i managed to get several bubbles in but i was never able to get all the way up. i think its bug that developers didn think when they changed the bubble mechanics
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Vernash answered:

It is possible, just really hard to do. You basically have to get your little dino all the way against the wall with his back to it. Once you are able to blow a bubble without him popping it, you can jam on the jump and blow bubble buttons to get yourself up. He will ride the very edge of the bubbles you blow if you can do it right.
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ScottTooth answered:

Ok, if any of you guys are still having trouble with BBNeo lvl72 (I know I did) there is a way to position yourself right against the wall or a couple of pixels away. Basically jump towards he wall but turn bub around mid-jump and his momentum should (after a couple of goes probably) land you with enough room to blow bubbles to escape comfortably.

I will be posting a video of this on my next playthrough as I've literally JUST passed the stage and decided to share my findings, hope it helps
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