Question from Ferocity0594

Band Hero Unique Owner ID Request?

Recently I bought Guitar Hero 5, figure out that it can import songs from other Guitar Hero games using Unique Owner ID (Located on the back of the game's booklet). I've already imported all of my games. Now I really need Band Hero unique owner ID. I am willing to trade my Guitar Hero 5 Unique Owner ID for a Band Hero Unique Owner ID. If anyone willing to help, please sent me a email to

jaxs92 asked for clarification:

I can swap you... What's your email? Mines

timtom999 asked for clarification:

I have some codes to swap. Anyone with guitar hero 5 or band hero, will swap either world tour or warriors of rock...(for ps3)

also if anyone has band hero on wii i can swap you any guitar hero code on wii you would like.

(all UK PAL games)

e-mail me on


batman_127 asked for clarification:

For the ps3 console

hellzsaintz asked for clarification:

Hey guys. I have guitar hero 5 and world tour codes I would like to trade for either metallica, smash hits or band hero....


hellzsaintz asked for clarification:



38140531 answered:

well I Got The Manual For Band Hero For Xbox 360 So If You Have The Xbox 360 Manual For Guitar Hero 5 My Email Is
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nbjcworks5647 answered:

I need a band hero unique owner id so i can add it to my collection of songs on guitar hero five i would be willing to return anything in someones favor.. im game expert. i have all of the guitar heros except band hero. but i love the songs... someone please HELP!
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gottiefpt9 answered:

Yo i have a band hero unique id for xbox 360 ill trade for guitar hero 5 my email is
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cravensfall answered:

Hey gottiefpt9 if you havent traded ill trade u a guitar hero 5 code for a band hero
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MattyT456 answered:

Hey I know I'm a couple months behind but if someone would be willing to tell me there unique owner Id i would greatly appreciate it. Cause I have band hero but not guitar hero 5. So if someone could get back to me that would be awesome!
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zlmarine answered:

MattyT456 I have GH5 codes if you want to swap for band hero. My email is
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clikzip answered:

I have a GH5 code if someone wants to trade, email me at
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Furrabbit answered:

I have a band hero code will swap for gh5
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Goddessss answered:

i have a band hero and a GH5 code , wanna trade for a GH3 code ! email me at or at . Thnx !
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Goddessss answered:

i will also trade Band Hero Or GH5 code for a Guitar Hero Smash Hits code so if your intrested email at or ;-)
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TyrantRock answered:

Hey i have a GHWT code, and 1 month gold code, if anyones interested, i need a Band Hero code!! my emails
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dingodung answered:

I have Guitar hero Warriors Of Rock unused code, want GH metallica or GH Greatest hits or GH 5 email me at
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steven2710 answered:

Hi I have guitar hero warriors of rock unique user ID for PS3, I'll trade it with a guitar hero metallica ID (PS3), email me.
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crackpnt69 answered:

Hi I have band hero ps3 and world tour for xbox 360 looking to trade either for gh 5 or world tour on ps3 thanks for you help! email me
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baz4girls answered:

I have gh world tour, gh5 for 360 am willing to trade 4 band hero unique user id code MY EMAIL Is
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funnybone2388 answered:

I have a code for warriors of rock for xbox360 if anyone wants to trade for gh5 my email is
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Pichou1975 answered:

I have a code for Warriors of rock for xbox360 and another for World Tour. If anyone wants to trade for GH5 and Band Hero, my email is
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kittieno69 answered:

hello all I am on the hunt for a valid band hero id code, can trade for gh5, world tour on the wii please help x
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drockadon answered:

I have a band hero code and looking for any guitar hero code.
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batman_127 answered:

i have warriors of rock and am looking for any either Metallica Van Halen guitar hero 5 or band hero if you wanna trade my email is
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baseballfeak answered:

I need a Band Hero code and am willing to trade a 1 month Xbox Live card...
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deathbydman answered:

I will trade a GH5 code for Band Hero code. Email is
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DougTheJoker answered:

Anyone with band hero for xbox 360 I am looking for unique owners id..
I have the codes for gh5, ghm, ghsh.. Please write me on xbox my gamertag is DougTheJoker I am also willing to send a game!!
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galaxybuster answered:

I will trade my band hero (PAL version for xbox 360) for a guitar hero 5 unused code for xbox. message me at
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dolfanac answered:

I will trade my Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock unique code for xbox. Message me at
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unforsaekn answered:

I have a GH:Warriors of Rock Unique ID.
Looking for Band Hero ID.
Send me the information! :D
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PeppezZ answered:

I have Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock and Guitar Hero World Tour for PS3
I'm looking for Guitar Hero Metallica, Guitar Hero 5 or Band Hero. Email me:
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Smgoode answered:

Hey guys, I have a Band Hero Owner ID for Xbox 360 if anyone is willing to trade email me
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