Question from ankitnagda

Asked: 4 years ago

Is cod:black ops in ps2?

Call of duty is in play station 2 and what is it's price.

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From: everths123 4 years ago

I'm sorry, but PS2 will not have this game available. Even the Wii (not kidding) will have this game....

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The only systems to have this game are xbox 360, ps3, pc, and yes, even the wii. Sorry, not the ps2

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Sorry, but no. Anyway, it would probably as rubbish as World At War Final Fronts if it goes onto the PS2.

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Im pretty sure not because its too out dated They wont be able to. Sorry

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Even the ps2 is better then the dose not

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No. Now close this question.

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No. Now open this questiion! Err... I mean close the question, mind you.

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