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Asked: 4 years ago

Has anyone used the filter on black ops?

Does it filter/remove/bleep out strong language?

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From: dandamann99 4 years ago

I used it, the main word it sensors is the F word. thats about it. still swears but nothing to bad.

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Haven't used it I would assume that it takes out the controversial levels. Like the airport level in MW2.

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No it lowers the amount of gore and guts that appear. It doesn't "bleeeeeeep" out words like you'd hear on tv, instead it might just use different dialog.

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Forget that lol i like the strong lanuge but i put out some gore but still i wont use it

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The filter blocks out all blood and gore, and most of the bad language. The filter doesn't affect multiplayer blood.

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Wouldn't this be a better as a bored topic?

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It knocks out all blood and gore. Language is a "Yes". Multiplayer I believe is limited. But for the lanuage sector-certain words are still said...Words like the "F"-bomb are blocked but not a**, or b***h

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