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Asked: 4 years ago

Golden Guns?

So does anyone know if golden guns are back?

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From: BigDaddy916 4 years ago

Yes indeed they are.
Achieve 14th Prestige and level up until the "Camo" option has been unlocked and you may purchase Gold Camo.

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I believe that once you get to the 14th Prestige you can buy the golden camo for all of your primaries

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"Gold" is a camouflage option for guns. I'm sorry to say I don't know how to unlock it, but if you go play in Split-screen, where everything is unlocked by default, you can equip it to just about any weapon. It's the last one on the list, so I guess you must do something pretty extaordinary to unlock it.

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To get gold guns, you can either get to prestige 14 and buy the camo online, or play splitscreen and just equip the gold camos to see what they look like, OR make a custom game mode online where everyone starts with golden guns. I suggest the 3rd, it is fast, yet epic =P

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