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How do i upgrade weapons in zombie?

Been playing zombie a bit with a friend, gathered enough cash to upgrade my gun but all it said was "Hold X to buy ammo, weapon, upgrade", holding X only bought me more ammo tho.. how do i upgrade it, anyone know?

superlockon asked for clarification:

Which zombie map are you talking about? If you're asking about the presidential one, then i can help you. otherwise i'm not sure.

Accepted Answer

UltimaDagger answered:

I see... alot of people get confuse and think that buying the "upgrade ammo" from the wall upgrades the gun but no... You need to get to the PaP machine and upgrade your weapon. THEN if you run out of ammo for your upgraded version of the weapon that's when you go to the wall and buy the upgraded ammo.
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KttanBachika answered:

try just pressing X and not holding it...
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taurenwhiffle answered:

you have to go to the teleporter in the theatre room and teleport to the pack-a-punch. You have to turn on the electricity each time you go. Be very careful, because each of the 4 players only have time to upgrade 1 gun each. With 2 players you can prolly upgrade both.
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