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Combat Training without an XBOX live accout?

I was wondering if it is possible to do combat training (against bots) without having an XBOX live account. The option is under XBOX live in the menu from what I've heard.

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GKStriker answered:

If u go to Local and edit options it will allow u 2 have up to a total of 10 player including urself and 9 bot. but this only works 4 team deathmatch and free 4 all
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Stevewins456 answered:

It's true that it's under the XBOX Live menu. Therefore, it's not possible to play without having an xbox live account.
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XboxHelper answered:

They just made a patch a few days ago that allows you to place bots in your local games in the Game Options menu. You can select up to 9 max per team, and a total of 10.
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freecarbon answered:

Offline its not called combat training. you can just goto the "edit options" and add friendly or enemy bots. only team deathmatch or free for all mode though.
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xacex2575 answered:

But u can get xbox silver and still text with ur friends just not talk or play with then
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Mastersniper400 answered:

Well... I have tried that and it didn't work. it would be awesome if you didn't need online but Trearc failed. lol
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youbooyouboo answered:

There is a way in local without leveling up. What u do is play by yourself, then u change the game settings to 1-9 enemies, (make sure this is local split screen) then set the points and time, then the levels of the enemies, an how many friends u want, then you play.
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