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Two thunder guns in one game?

Is It possible for two different players to both carry a thunder gun at the same time in one zombie game?

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In World at War you could only have on wunderwaffle at a time, and this was an ultimate gun...?

Er1e provided additional details:

I ask this because in world at war the wunderwallfe disappears out of the mystery box, but in black ops it still shows up in the box even after somebody gets it?

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TheDarkRat answered:

I joined just to post here, apparently to many credible sources you can get the Thundergun twice, specifically confirmed on Private Match (2 players) online, but I myself have never got it..
Now I didn't own WaW, but apparently after you pick up the Wonderwaffle the box (whilst cycling through weapons) never shows the Wonderwaffle again, this isn't the case with the Thundergun, 'kid6mojo' and numerous other people do claim the other player/players can get it so long as the current in use is upgraded to Zeus Cannon.
Normally the Thundergun is placed at around 5% random chance, after selection some claim it goes down to a nail-biting 2% random chance, as the more Thunderguns the easier it gets..

I will be performing EXTREME research with my friend Andy this next week or so, spending ALL points on the box for matches and matches to come.. I hope after a while I will be able to report back and confirm it is possible.. But that Thundergun is damn powerful.. It may be the most ultimate weapon of ultimate weapons and can never be picked up twice :(

Note: To those saying "you can get two ray guns why not thundergun" you are very wrong; Ray Gun and Winter's Howl are weak weapons compared to the Thundergun, they are merely 'perk' special weapons that are stronger than most..
Also, if you are looking for tips on how to reach Level 40 easily on Kino Der Toten let me know :)
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RazielParadox answered:

It's probably possible, just not likely since I'm sure the gun doesn't show up in boxes too often. Although one of my friends gets it like every other game, so anything's possible.
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yoshifuzz answered:

I think it's possible, as there have been cases of more than one person with a winter's fury, and even two people with porter X2 rayguns, so I see no reasons why thundergun and zeus cannon should be different.
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FinalFormX answered:

Thats stupid to ask why wouldnt you be able to? two other people can carry like 2 ray guns or 2 winters howl so why not a thunder gun
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raroo77 answered:

You cant it is in a zombies guide on the faq's. Why does nobody look their first?
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madg23 answered:

I dont see why not
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ozzyneverdies answered:

Im pretty sure you can't both have it. Me and my mate have tried absolutely loads and never got it
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kid6mojo answered:

You can get it only if the first person has upgraded it to the Zeus Cannon. However you can still upgrade it. This works the same for all "Ultimate" Guns i.e. Ray Gun/ Porter's X2 Ray Gun, Thundergun/ Zeus Cannon, Winter's Howl/ Winter's Fury
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Donjuanron86 answered:

I want those tips on how to reach level 40. I've made it to 24 so far
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