Question from killr13

When I try to use the valkyrie killstreak on multiplayer, it blows up in my face, can i get some help?

Whenever I use valkyrie rockets, an explosion comes out of nowhere and it keeps killing me, and the game says I commited suicide, how do I stop this from happening?


bigkorean answered:

you need to not use the RT but use the left stick to drive it around.Pressing RT will make it blow up.
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FinalFormX answered:

You have to drive it with the left stick to move it and you press right trigger to detonate it anytime and if it hits anything, it blows up, so you could just be pressing the right stick. you use the right stick to launch it, but dont hold the button down
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XboxHelper answered:

This is an actual glitch, yes, but I hear it's either already patched or being patched. Don't worry. You're not alone.
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Razgriz_dragon answered:

This same thing happened to me about a week ago, i thought it was because i had stolen the package from an enemy that had trapped it with the pro perk Hacker. I fired one off, then got killed and still had one left when i respawned so i tried using it and no matter how many times i tried it just blew up everytime. lol
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campingpawnzor answered:

Probably somethig is right in front do you otherwise you might have pressed the right trigger causing it to expload in front of u the controls are left stick to steer and after u fire left trigger makes it activate its self detonator
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