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Asked: 4 years ago

Whats the best weapon for zombie mode?

What is the best weapon to use for zombie mode?

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From: broken_angel_13 4 years ago

It depends on how you play. The commando is beast. Rpk has lots of ammo and damage. Aug is super saiyan powerful. The ray gun is of course the fricken ray gun. Thundergun is good in multiplayer for a last ditch weapon. And from what i hear fn fal is pretty good but i never use it, i like auto weapons

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Any SMG and a shotgun, if you get a good weapon from the random box, trade in your shotgun for it.

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The best in my opinion is the MP40 and the Stakeout. However if you are lucky enough with the mystery box the Ray Gun is very good to have.

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Ray Gun is easily the best. It is hard to get, lots of the SMG's and shotguns are quite good as well as the LMG's.

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I once got a wepon called "Winter's Howl" or something like that. It freezes zombies and when they are frozen anything will kill them, and it has quite a bit of ammo as well but you have to get it from the mystery box. I got it on "Five" I think it's called(the map with JFK, Castro and Nixen) and I rarely play zombies so I don't know if it's only on that map or not.

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I would say that the commando upgraded to the predator is possibly the best gun and the second best is the FN FAL, even notupgraded its still amazing, on round 20 it could still take the head off a zombie in 3-4 shots.

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