Question from D34NMc123

Does the black ops servers are unavailable mean that i have been banned from playing online on that game ?

I think i have been banned on black ops. its said black ops sever is unavailable at this time please try again later or go to a site when i go to the site it says everything is fine ? :)


XboxHelper answered:

Well, your internet connection may just be going haywire. I suggest you try again later.
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Hellsing4682 answered:

This had happened to me before. I just played a few games of Zombies by myself and multiplayer started working again. So just wait for a bit.
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1KingOfGames answered:

Usually that message means that your internet connection is weak
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barry35080 answered:

This is happening to me now its been like it for at least 6 weeks i havnt played it in that long but my zombie and campaign dont work either
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deadwerewolf22 answered:

Everyone is right
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