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Asked: 4 years ago

How do you activate kill streaks online in game?

When I am playing multi-player online, I get multiple kills in a row and hear spy plane now available (as an example) but do not know what buttons to push or how to activate it.
Any help?

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Accepted Answer

From: XboxHelper 4 years ago

You must press the "Right"-arrow to use killstreaks.
As a reminder, "Up" brings up equipment, "Left" arms underbarrel attachments and "Right" uses killstreak rewards. There should be a cursor inside your compass on the lower-right corner of your screen showing you what you have, shall you ever forget.

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If you're not playing in hardcore mode and have the HUD (heads up display) on then in the bottom right corner should be where it displays what kill streak is currently available and depending where it is on the dial is where you press on the D-Pad but if you are playing without the HUD on then i think in most cases it's either up or the right you have to press when you hear the message.

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First, U must purchase the given killstreak, then activate it by pressing the "A" button. U can have upta 3 active at once, nut only one at a time that requires the same number of consecutive kilz. If U already knew howta do that, the 2 answers above should answer all Ur questions.

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Right arrow

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