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2-4 player co-op (Xbox only)?

On the back of the game cover, it has what you can normally play online and offline. Usually, COD games are one player with two player co-op offline. On the back of Black Ops, however, it says "2-4 co-op" within the green segment (which is what can be played offline), which means that there should be 2-4 player co-op offline. Where is it??

MaesterLinx provided additional details:

In an response to ifd2man: Then shouldn't it just say 1-4 players? Because they can have Team Deathmatch, but that's 2v2, which is still just 1-4 players, not local co-op. They shouldn't get hopes up about 4 player co-op and then not have it.

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jasdeep99 answered:

zombie game modes and online split screen are only 2 player but local multiplayer and dead ops arcade are 4 player.But now with the new patch you can play against bots with 4 people in local splitscreen
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lfd2man answered:

It's just the local multiplayer mode
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njdevilsfan06 answered:

I believe that both of the co-op tags (orange for XBL and green for offline content) from the box refers to the zombie mode. That's the only mode I've found that you can play cooperatively in. I was under the impression it would be for the campaign too.
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MaesterLinx answered:

After searching for a while I figured out what it is. It turns out that you can play 4 player split screen on the Dead Ops Arcade Game. Thank you for your answers!
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faztfood answered:

By the way you can do zombie mode in kino der toten or five 4 players , and it could be done with a glitch and it works !
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Goriza answered:

You can play multi player competitive mode with the maximum of 4 players and the Dead Ops zombie game with 4 players too, but the others zombies levels don't. The campaign can only be played single.
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fudgiethewha1e answered:

Multiplayer can be played offline with 4 people too. The graphic quality drops drastically once you have three people so I'd recommend that you play system link.
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dmg7661 answered:

Its for multiplayer and for Dead ops Arcade.
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Evilhen88 answered:

It's the offline multiplayer mode.
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joggingpants answered:

The "Co-op" is zombies mode. Nothing else needs to be said here, nobody can disagree. This is the answer.
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rockerman2828 answered:

wow, such a broad and pointless question. heres My attempt at an answer

when black ops was released, local multiplayer mode was 2-4players. since an update, you can now play bots offline so that means 1 player.

also offline, you can play 2 player split screen with normal zombies or 4 player deap ops arcade.

online, you can have up to 16 people in a game (not including hacked servers) and you can play 2 player split screen online.

minimum number of people playing an online game is 4, with free for all, unless it is a private match which can be 1.

6 player games for wager matches

single player campaign that is not co-op

system link for offline local mulitplayer, but for online. which means as many players as xboxs and controllers.

zork is one player, as is anything else on the computer.

options is one player, but can be accessed by anyone with a controller.
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xPUMAgt1232 answered:

My best guest is Dead ops Arcade and that does have a story to it.
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fantastic465 answered:

Can u have a splitscreener and play zombies on online ?
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DerekHaberer answered:

Just local multiplayer.
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gfred4 answered:

Split-screen Online
Multi-player: 4 16
Zombies 2 4
Dead Ops 4 4
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