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What does grabbing the Sale Tag in zombie mode do?

Me and a buddy got to round 14 and saw a sale tag(with sale written on it) with the green glow around it like "InstaKill", "Max Ammo", etc...
What do you get or what happens by grabbing this sale tag? We also notice that the phrase "Fire Sale" is yelled out in a zombie-esque voice. If someone could shed some light on this for us, it would be appreciated.

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KaosKiller answered:

You also get this by killing the pentagon thief on "five". The sale tag makes all those random boxes with teddy bears on top of them available to you for a short time and it only costs 10 pts, instead of 950 pts to get a random weapon. Hence the name sale. That should do it!
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Lunarace answered:

I am lucky and i got 3 sale tags on the 1st five rounds but the sale tags replace all the boxes that have teddy bears on them it last from 10 to 25 seconds and it only cost 10 dollars make sure u have a crawler before you do this when your teamates are at a box of there choosing as soon it blinks grab it it will cost $10 instead of $950 i have a lucky box the closest box is the luckyist [ because i keep getting ray and thunder guns
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BrokenRainY57 answered:

They basically just bring out all of the random boxes for a short time (about enough to get three or four weapons from one box). And it makes the price of all weapons $10 for that time instead of their regular price. Like KaosKiller said you also get one for killing the thief in "Five" but if you kill him before he steals anyone's weapons you get a sale tag that also reduces the Pack-a-Punch machine to a $1000 instead of $5000 per weapon. I read that they're called "Fire Sale" (hence the screaming demon voice) and "Bonfire Sale."
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spike1216 answered:

The sales tag is called Fire Sale. As far as I know, it's unlocked just the same way as Insta-kill, Max Ammo, Nuke, Double Points, and Repair. But it's probably more uncommon, seeing as what it does (unconfirmed by myself). When you get the Fire Sale bonus, every Random box on the entire map is available for a limited time. Also, the cost is reduced I believe. Not sure if it does that on 'Five' as I don't play on that map. But that's what it does on Kino Der Toten (Theater of the Dead)
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DrBink answered:

It can be on "Five", "Kino Der Toten", and "Ascension" and it makes the random weapon box cost 10 points instead of 950 but i only lasts for about 60 seconds.
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K1ngAce11 answered:

The fire sale is unlocked just like every other upgrade. There are no moments when you will no matter what get one alhough. "Every time you face dogs on Kino Der Toten , you get max ammo". It makes every mystery box on the map appear and only cost ten dollars. On "Five" it does the same except it also makes the Pack-A-Punch cost 1,000.
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campingpawnzor answered:

What happens is when u get it, the prices of the mystery boxes drop to 10 points and bring them all out for a short time and it lowers the price of the pack a punch to 1000
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randctod answered:

I'm not sure, but I was once told it (apart from doing the random box thing) reduced the prices of things on the walls. I have not confirmed this, as every time I get it, I am distracted by the huge swarm of zombies chasing me.
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Derp2daherp answered:

To sum it up in a nutshell...
Boxes are in all locations, and only cost 10 points each for a short period of time.
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BBC2fighter answered:

It makes the mystery box appear in every room for 10 points for a limited time and it also gives you some pretty good weapons.
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tyler655 answered:

It puts a random weapon box in every room for a limited time. It costs10 instead of 950. Plus it usually only stays long enough for two purchases.
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