Question from sithico97

Asked: 4 years ago

How many rounds are there on zombies?

In zombies I would like to know the exact or estimated amount of rounds in one zombie map please i must know so then i can make a strategic way to endure those rounds?

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From: XboxHelper 4 years ago

There are infinite rounds.
But to give you a picture of the approximated lifespan, you're probably gonna last 5 levels if you're new, 10 if you know tactics, 20, if you're actually good and 30 if you're beastly. Most people will never see round 30 though, and almost nobody will see round 40.

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If I had the infinity symbol I would put that.

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There is no limit to the rounds but the leaderboards only rank you upto level 69, i know funny number right? lol Anyway I would say there is 69 rounds.

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Infinite rounds. It only gets harder...

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It's infinite, and the leaderboards do not stop at 69... Some people got to 72. It's pretty safe to say that there are infinite rounds and the leaderboards will show who got to the highest...

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