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How many times can I pack a punch a weapon?

I was just in a match on kino and had an RPK already pack a punched... I ended up pack a punching my other weapon the 2nd time I went to the room, but it got me to thinking.... could I have upgraded the RPK again? Would it have became more powerful?

But yeah anyway, can you pack a punch a weapon multiple times?

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nintendofreak55 answered:

No you cannot, you can only pack a punch a weapon once.
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KaosKiller answered:

I seen this and wondered the exact same thing and after trying it out was very disappointed. Even if both ur weapons are pack a punched and u walk up to the pack a punch machine it will still give u the option to pack a punch it, in which case i held down x and bam. It didn't do anything, i thought it would at least give me a refill of upgraded ammo on that gun. So, i guess treyarch expects u just shoot an entire clip into a zombie to kill them in later rounds, it kinda sucks when u get to round 29 with 2 people and ur pack a punch weapons don't really have much of a effect on the zombies and the bowie knife really loses all usefulness after round 15 pretty much and is completely useless after round 20.
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ThRealSlimShady answered:

No, sadly you can't, but if you could then you'd be unstoppable!
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pokeplayer100 answered:

Nope.Once per weapon.
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