Question from GDawg333

Can't get into Player Matches anymore. Whats going on?

Okay here's my story. I've been playin black ops for a pretty long time now. But for some reason i cant get on to a player match anymore. Its wierd because it says my NAT is open and i looked on youtube just in case and did things to make sure my NAT was open. I've been trying for about a month and a half now to get into a match (ive been havin black ops withdrawls) and it just wont find a match. I can get into zombie matches and it seems the only game mode i can play is combat training. which kinda gets boring after a while. Here's what it says at the top of the lobby, joining game lobby...finding potential matches, joining game lobby, finding potential matches. it says that over and over for about 5 minutes and then it goes to a brief loading screen and then says error: Cant find any availiable sessions. Please try your search again. and i do try my search again and it still doesnt work. its fine when i play cod 4. i can get into matches on that. but this is the only game i cant get into online and its pissin me off. if anyone knows what the problem is i would really really appreciate it. Thanks.


BabaORiley121 answered:

Well, theres not much you can do but keep trying , all it means is there is no one you can get connected with so try and go on a different profile and try and go back to the old one is all i can say, it happenedto me with zombies for a month or so, good luck.
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beastboy622 answered:

This happened to me as well. Last night I was playing in multiplayer then when I accepted a game invite from a friend. I got the message "the call of duty: black ops server is not available at this time. please try again later or visit for updates" i can no longer play online. i do have xbox live gold. i went to the link and it says defcon 4 and nothing else. i tried signing out and back on. I have no idea what or why its happening. it is still doing it today.
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