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Asked: 4 years ago

Ammo problem in zombie mode?

When I buy a gun in zombie mode I try to save up the 4500 points to get the upgraded ammo, but when I go to buy it I only get normal ammo. So how do I get the upgraded ammo?

Additional details - 4 years ago

Where is the PaP in the maps?

Accepted Answer

From: t3chno1983 4 years ago

As koresaur mentioned, you must first use the Pack-a-Punch to upgrade your weapons.

For the first map, Kino der Toten, you must like the teleporter on the theater stage with the return pad in the main lobby. Once you use the teleporter, you will find yourself in the projection room and the Pack-a-Punch is next to the back wall. You will only have a minute or two to upgrade your weapon(s) before you are teleported back to the main lobby.

On the additional map, "Five", you must reset the DEFCON level before you access the Pack-a-Punch. Located around the 2nd level 'War Room', you will notice pull-switches on the walls to reset the DEFCON level. After all four (or five?) are pulled (and turned from red to green), you will be able to go through a portal on the bottom of the 2nd level 'War Room' that will teleport you to an office that holds the Pack-a-Punch. Also, this will open the door that states "115 Clearance Needed", which is the office that hold the Pack-a-Punch.

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You have to upgrade the gun with PaP first

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