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Open Questions

Enemy/Boss Help status answers
How do I beat Viet soldier? Open 1
Killing the Pentagon thief with trap? Open 7
Nova Zombies??? Open 2
Spawning Issues? Open 5
Strategy Help status answers
Aim Assist? Open 10
Best Perks for knifing? Open 2
Best Undetectable/Silent But Deadly Setup? Open 3
Black Ops: I don't find good classes for Team Deathmatch, and Search&Destroy.? Open 4
Does Hardened Pro/Regular help you kill your enemies faster? Open 3
Does Lightweight Affect Reload Time? Open 2
Good submachine gun class 4 demolition/ S and D? Open 4
How can I get cod points fast? Open 3
I have one more class empty what gun should I use? Open 8
I need an advice or tip? Open 3
I need help getting the four world at war zombie maps for black ops will anybody tell me? Open 2
Is the (L96A1) less accurate than the PSG1? Open 6
Is there a faster way to prestige then doing domination and contracts? Open 2
Is there a glitch on Kino Der Toten? Open 1
Is there a special pattern for zombie drops? Open 6
Is there an immortal glitch for zombie mode? Open 2
Is there some new multi-player invisibility cheat out?! Getting Killed by invisible bad guys! Open 5
Is This A Good Aggressive Class? Open 2
Is this a good class setup? Open 3
Not sure about this class can you help? Open 2
The best strategy for knifing? Open 4
Trouble with The Collector achievement? Open 1
Tutorial? Open 3
Valkyrie Missiles- Rusalka? Open 2
What are all the different ranks in Multi-Player? Open 1
What is a good assault rifle class ? Open 7
What is the best strategy for getting out of the map? Open 1
What is the best strategy for Leveling up? Open 2
What is the best strategy for surviving for more than 5 rounds in kino der toten and "five" in zombies? Open 3
What is the best strategy for the house in zombies? Open 1
What is the best strategy for to level up? Open 1
What is the easiest way to level up in multiplayer? Open 2
What is the pentagon theif? Open 4
What perk is better Hardened Pro/Regular or Sleight of Hand Pro/Regular? Open 4
What should my classes be? Open 3
Which do you prefer for the stick and button layout? Open 1
Which gun is better for prestiging? Open 1
Will there be gun camouflages in CoD: Blacks Ops? Open 10
Technical Help status answers
Campaign mission specific achievements not working? Open 2
Can My PC run COD. Black ops? Open 2
Can you change the time limit when playing on multyplayer split screen, and if so how? Open 4
Can't get into Player Matches anymore. Whats going on? Open 2
Can't join TDM or mercenary? Open 1
Connection issues? Open 2
Could someone help with satellite internet and black ops plz? Open 1
Cut scenes??!! Open 1
Does the black ops servers are unavailable mean that i have been banned from playing online on that game ? Open 5
Doing the time warp again? Open 1
Game lagged out after i completed the last ghost pro challenge...can't uprgrade? Open 3
How can i download the extension packs as all " keep, downloading but at 99 it keeps failing please help? Open 1
How come I did not get the Cold Warrior Trophy? Open 2
How do i view the gmaer pictures? Open 1
How do you go on theatre mode? Open 2
How much HDD space does this game require? Open 3
How to play "ZORK"? Open 2
Intel glich? Open 1
Is combat training available for people who don't have xbox live? Open 5
Is there any way for me to edit the game options for multiplayer/splitscreen? Open 1
Keep getting overheat message for one game only? Open 1
My black ops game is a little messed up... :S. Can anyone help? Open 2
My game freezes quite a lot on Zombies/Multiplayer. Help? Open 1
Nat type goes wrong? Open 1
No color in combat training? Open 1
Server's slow or can't join with party? Open 2
Some help pls? Open 1
Theatre Help? Open 2
What factors does effect the wireless recieving signal?( My signal strength only at 2 yellow bars every time) Open 2
What features are available offline? Open 3
Why are the colors messed up? Open 1
Why can't i ajust my safe area? Open 1
Why can't I play zombies on XBOX Live? Open 2
Why can't I unlock clan tag color? Open 3
Why cant i play zombies? Open 1
Why Did The Game Erase all My Data And Put All Of It On My Cousins Account?? Open 2
Why didn`t I get the BLACK OP MASTER achievement? Open 1
Why does my campaign data get erased? Open 4
Why does the game keep telling me (Not the right permission)? Open 5
Why does the game keep telling me clan tag prohibitied? Open 3
Why does the game never find a match? Open 2
Why don't I get achievements when finishing the game? Open 1
Why is it that I can't join my friend's party, he can't join mine, but we can join any of our other friends' parties? Open 1
Why won't CoD load my history ? Open 1
Y does my screen go black? Open 1
Other Help status answers
3Gun glitch? Open 2
Anihalation pack and famas? Open 1
Any more updates? Open 2
Are people cheating in death match? Open 6
Are there any glitches or cheats for zombie map five that i need to know about? Open 3
Black Ops - Recent Games upload? Open 2
Black portrait on Kino der Toten? Open 1
Bots? Open 1
Call of the dead help and escalation? Open 1
Can any one help me with a region 3 PSN account? Open 1
Can anyone help me with this Ascension achievement? Open 2
Can anyone tell me what specifically gets left out of the mature content restricted mode? Open 2
Can I play 2 player without xbox live gold? Open 1
Can i play the DLC maps offline split screen ? Open 1
Can i update black ops manually? Open 1
Can someone make a tutorial for fairy tail emblem plz? Open 1
Can someone plz give me the codes for extra zombie maps? Open 2
Clan Recruitment? Open 1
Co-op? Open 2
Combat training? Open 2
Computer login id's a passwords? Open 2
CPU's??? Open 2
Different Maps on Zombies? Open 2
Do any of you know if there is any sniper spots? Open 2
Do you still get titles for doing certain things? Open 2
Do zombies drop stuff when you dont attack them?(Possible spoiler?) Open 2
Does a Guest on XBOX Live lose their points every time they stop playing? Open 2
Does any attatchment other than grip reduce the recoil of a gun? Open 3
Does anyone want to give me their zombie code? :D Open 5
Does Combat Training work offline? Open 2
Does playing split screen or system link online help level up? Open 1
Does the report player button for online really work? Open 2
Emblems on Playercard Help? Open 1
Emblems? Open 2
Getting Kicked for Friendly Fire (Hardcore)? Open 4
Hardened edition zombie maps? Open 2
Heavy hand achivement? Open 1
Help me PLEASE? Open 4
How can I reset my rank to 1 on multiplayer? Open 1
How can u tell? Open 1
How did anyone get the gamer pic off the computer? Open 3
How do I change the language English to German? Open 1
How do I check clan invites? Open 1
How do I effeciently use the theater mode? Open 2
How do I get the Backstabber Medal? Open 2
How do i level up offline and how do u change the options in splitscreen offline? Open 3
How do I play against CPUs? Open 1
How do i stay hiddin??? Open 3
How do you get golden camo? Open 3
How do you join games with online friends? Open 1
How do you play 4 player splitscreen zombies? Open 2
How Long Will The Hardend Edition Be Out?? Open 2
How many COD Black Ops COD Points do you need to buy everything in multiplayer? Open 2
How many COD Black Ops total XP do you need to reach prestige level 15 rank 50? Open 1
How many split screen players? Open 2
How much memory does it take to copy Black Ops to your hard drive? Open 2
How Much XP is Required for Each Level? Open 4
How to get all seven zombies map??????????? Open 3
How to get on the bus in nuketown? Open 5
How will kill streaks work? Open 3
I cant select any killstreaks in combat training? Open 5
I have the black ops stratigy guide help? Open 1
I only have 2 zombie maps and the arcade? Arent there 4? Open 1
If you know how to HACK/MOD or know any good glitches (CLICK THIS)? Open 3
In combat training are all of my friends dummies? Open 2
Is black ops 2 having zombie mode and what is it rated M for? Open 1
Is it possible to deactivate the 3ARC UNLOCK cheat? Open 2
Is it true...? Open 3
Is it true? Open 3
Is the ak74u better than the galil? Open 7
Is there a list of all the secret challenge in CT and Multiplayer? Open 1
Is there a two player campaign mode ? Open 2
Is there a way to get 4 player splitsreen zombie mode on xbox 360? Open 1
Is there anyway to change it from showing ranks over peoples heads to showing their gamertag over their heads? Open 1
Is there split-screen when you're playing in system link? Open 1
LvL cap?? possable spoiler Open 1
Map Packs? Open 1
Mature Content Filter? Open 1
Mic problems? Open 2
Mission Question? Open 1
Mobility? Open 2
Multi-Player bots? Open 2
Multiplayer choice tyoe of game? Open 1
Multiplayer Help? Open 1
My Search Preferences ??? Open 1
Need help for the acheivement killing 5 enemies with a grenade? Open 3
New maps for black ops? Open 2
OK...Seriously?! Open 1
Online co-op split screen pillarbox / black bars? Open 1
Other then Pythons, what are actual good secondaries? Open 3
Perk Lightweight Help in COD Black Ops? Open 2
PPSH-41 for MP? Open 2
Preorder Bonus? Open 2
Prestiege, Do you keep your pro status on your perks?? Open 3
Prestige Leaderborads? Open 1
Prestige? Open 1
PSN account region 3 help!? Open 1
Quick zombie question? Open 1
Rappel on multi maps? Open 1
Recommendations? Open 1
Sends me back to pre game lobby after erasing a good game? will they fix? Open 1
Shi No Numa? Open 1
Song near the end ?*spoilers* Open 6
System link? Open 1
Update for combat training? Open 2
Was i first to put a question? Open 3
Wat do all the perk pros do? Open 1
What classified weapons are worth it? Open 7
What do you get/lose by prestiging? Open 2
What is the bad level that you get warned about at the start of the game? Open 3
What is the purpose film reels in Kino Der Toten & Ammo for Mystery Box Guns? Open 4
Whats With That Special Option In This Game? Open 1
When do weapons upgrade? Open 1
When will they fix the kills leaderboard? Open 2
Where can I find how much the black ops prestige edition (unopened box) signed by treyarch is worth? Open 1
Where is gungame? Open 1
Which ones better? Open 1
Why didn't i get the Burn Notice achievement and the Black op master achievement? Open 3
Why does my campaign get erased? Open 2
Why is there more bull in this game than mw2? Open 3
Will the extra zombie maps from the hardend edition be available for download? Open 2
Will there be a blackops bundle? Open 2
Will there be bullet wound and gore in Multiplayer or is the realistic violence in SP only? Open 5
Will there be the level up class system on Splitscreen? Open 5
Will there be thirdperson mode? Open 4
Win Streak?!!! Open 3
Wonder weapons? Open 2
Wont let me go to my friends theater mode? Open 1
WTF help me!!? Open 4
Zombie leaderboard? Open 2
Zombie Map Story Lines ? Open 1
Zombie songs dont work? Open 1
Zombies strategies? Open 2
Zzz i am new pls help idk if it is at the rite place but? Open 1

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