Weapon FAQ by Lyokofreakguy

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Call of Duty: Black Ops
In-Depth Faq on Perks for Multiplayer
Created by: Lyokofreakguy
Copyright: Lyokofreakguy  June, 2011
Table of Contents
1)Version History.....................(VERH)
3)Blue Perks..........................(BPKS)
4)Orange Perks........................(OPKS)
5)Green Perk..........................(GPKS)

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I.                             Version History                         (VERH)

Version 1.0: Faq is published to Gamefaqs website. (April 25, 2011)

II.                             Introduction                          (INTRO)
Welcome to my first published Faq on Gamefaqs, so bear with me here as there
are probably a lot of grammatical and spelling errors that I missed. :P
Anyways this is a guide about the perks in this game and how to pro them
as fast as possible. A few things to note before you check out the perks.
First of all, all perks but tactical mask, hardened, and lightweight can only
be unlocked by buying them for 2000 cod points. To unlock the pro version of
the perk, you must first complete the three challenges for the perk, then you
have to spend an additional 3000 cod points to pro the perk. You can change
perks in their pro version by accessing the perk menu. Also note that I may
encourage what appears to be "camping" or "boosting" per say, but rest assured
I am only trying to give the best advice as some of these challenges are very
tough to do and sometimes, having a friend help you get the challenge complete
is the best way to complete the challenge and to get the pro version
of the perk.

III.                                Blue Perks                         (BPKS)


Ghost- You will not show up on radar while a Spy Plane is active

Ghost Pro- You will no longer be targeted by Attack Helicopters and you are
invisible to Chopper Gunners, Valkyrie Rockets, and Gunships. You are, however,
still revealed by a Blackbird and Attack Dogs still target you. Also your name
will not appear nor will red crosshairs appear, but you will still be detected
by the Aim Assist.  Finally you are not detected by enemy sentry guns


Challenge One: Kill 20 Enemies while an Enemy Spy Plane or Blackbird is Active

This challenge is very easy as Spy Planes are very common in most game types
and it makes it easy to sneak up on enemies...not so much for the Blackbird
however. Any gametype but Search and Destroy will yield the best result in
completing this challenge.

Challenge Two: Destroy 30 enemy aircraft with a NON-KILLSTREAK LAUCNHER.

I put the last part in caps because the challenge counts if you are using a
Law or Strela Launcher, which makes this challenge difficult. You have two
choices; One is to wait until your Lv30 to use the Strela since it has two
rockets to fire or you can use the Law and just keep killing yourself so then
you can destroy as many enemy aircraft as possible. I highly recommend Spy
and Counter-Spy Planes as they only require one rocket to destroy. This
requires patience as you can be killed taking our air support, especially
helicopters. Be aware one rocket will destroy any type of aircraft, although
all helicopters come equipped with one set of flares, which deflects the
missile away from the helicopter.

Challenge Three: Destroy An Enemy Sentry Gun.

This is easier than it sounds. All you have to do is knife an enemy sentry gun.
The only problem is, unless the Sentry Gun is used to complete a Contract, many
players rarely use it. One neat trick is to first unlock the Sentry Gun
killstreak, then throw the Sentry Gun marker in the enemy spawn so that an
enemy captures the sentry gun. Then just follow them until they set up and
then knife it to complete the challenge.  Having hacker in conjunction with
this perk makes finding sentry guns very easy as well if you cannot find them.


Overall this perk is extremely useful and I highly recommend you have this in
one of your classes. Spy Planes are used so often, that using this perk is an
effective way to sneak up on enemies who rely on the Spy Plane to locate you
and is great at destroying Air Support. Not only that, but it basically makes
most aircraft and killsteaks useless, especially the Pro Version. This is a
perk I highly recommend you get at the beginning of the game or your prestige.
There are a few drawbacks. The most fatal one being that you are very
vulnerable to most aircraft and what not before you get the pro version. Also
you are still visible to Blackbirds. Other than that, this is a great perk to
use and highly recommend you have ghost in one of your classes.

Flak Jacket

Flak Jacket: Reduces explosive damage

Flak Jacket Pro: Reduces fire damage


Challenge One: Survive 10 explosions while using Flak Jacket

A quick way to complete this challenge is to play an objective any objective
based game as the enemy tends to throw many explosives at you if you are at
an objective.

Challenge Two: Plant or Defuse 10 bombs in Sabotage, Search and Destroy, and

This is not a very long challenge to complete, but this one can be quite
difficult as the bomb likes to be camped a lot if your planting or defusing.
I highly recommend doing this in either Sabotage or Demolition as you will most
likely die before you plant or defuse the bomb in Search and Destroy. Really
just play the objective in Sabotage or Demolition. They both have very long
game times, especially Demolition.

Challenge Three: Throw Back 5 Frag Grenades

This is probably the hardest challenge. First off, many people will use Semtex
over Frags in many game types. Second, the usual player is smart enough to cook
the grenade before throwing it, meaning it will probably explode before you can
grab it. However you do not have to throw it back actually. All you have to do
is grab the grenade. Either do an objective based game or get a friend to help
accomplish this challenge. A good tip is to play on Firing Range and camp in
the tower. Many players tend to throw stun or flashbangs followed by either a
Semtex or a frag grenade, which you can easily throw back since it wonít roll
all over the place.


By god with this you are the Juggernaut. This perk will allow you to survive
almost every explosion, even the dreaded RC-XD, assuming itís not on top of
you. Actually unless itís like a direct impact explosion, you will survive
nearly any explosion, including Claymores, Mortar Strikes, Rolling Thunder,
Rocket Launchers, Grenade Launchers, I can keep going on, but you get the
point. The Pro version further improves this perk as it makes Flamethrowers
and Napalm Strikes completely useless as you will receive almost no damage
whatsoever. This is a great perk in objective based game as you can take a
lot of punishment from explosions before you go down. Only downside is that
you are visible to Spy Planes. Seriously this is an awesome perk in objective
based games.


Scavenger-You can pick up blue ammo bags to resupply ammo for your primary
weapon, pistols, specials, and lethal grenades.

Scavenger Pro- Your primary and secondary weapons has max ammo and you can
now resupply tactical grenades, excluding Willy Pete.


Challenge One: Pick up 150 Blue Ammo Bags

When you kill an enemy while using scavenger, they drop a blue bag, which
resupplies your ammo. This is not hard, but it is very time consuming and can
take a while to resupply 150 times. Any gametype but Search and Destroy will
work just fine. Best one is probably Headquarters since that can last up to
15 minutes.

Challenge Two: Get 5 Lethal Grenade Kills with a Resupplied Grenade

Fairly easy challenge to complete. A good tip is to throw your lethal grenade
when you spawn and just go over an ammo bag. If you want a lot of lethal
grenade kills, Domination is your best bet since many people will go for the

Challenge Three: Get a 5 killstreak Five Times

This one can be either easy or hard, depending on your gameplay and what not.
The only advice I can give is be smart, and be wary of your surroundings. If
you really wanted to, just grab a motion sensor and camp if you need the
challenge that badly.


This perk is ok. I often donít buy this perk as, while itís good on paper,
when used in action, itís not executed well. The biggest problem I have is that
the bags drop very close to the enemies and sometimes that can get you killed.
Not only that, but they donít appear half the time. You may be better off
picking up enemy weapons, but the extra ammo really helps some SMGs who have
very little ammo. Also note that you cannot resupply any Launcher Ammo
(including the Strela), equipment, grenade launchers, or flamethrower ammo.


Lightweight- Your weight is reduced and you run faster.

Lightweight Pro- You receive no fall damage.


Challenge One:  Escape Death after being shot 5 times

A rather interesting challenge. I guess whenever you get shot, run away? This
is a potentially hard challenge as running away from fire will most likely get
you killed as the bullets tend go through objects or somehow swerve around
corners and kill you. You will most likely get this while playing randomly.
If you really want it, have a friend shoot you and then run away.

Challenge Two: Get 15 Melee Kills

This is another potentially hard challenge. Not only do you have to be close
to the enemy, but the melee kills are rather sporadic and you will often either
miss your target, or commando them from afar. I donít know itís very weird,
but no matter. Just go around and knife people the whole time I suppose.
For better melee kills, I suggest using the ballistic knife as that not only
has increased melee range, but you can knife very quickly in rapid succession
if there are more than two enemies.

Challenge Three: Get 10 Offensive Medals

This is an easy one. Play any objective based type game and kill an enemy
thatís near their objective, like a bomb site, or their own flag in Domination.


This is probably the least useful of the blue perks. This goes great with
Marathon as you can run very quickly and is very good for rushing. Other than
that, the increased speed wonít help you much if you are not rushing, but the
immunity to fall damage can prove very useful if falling off of a high place,
but there arenít many of those in this game. However I recommend using other
blue perks like Flak Jacket or Ghost.


Hardline: 1 less kill is needed to get a killstreak

Hardline Pro: You can re-roll any friendly care package to receive a different


Challenge One: Share 10 care packages

This is very easy challenge. Put on SAM turret, Care Package, and Sentry Gun
as they all count as a care package being taken. The SAM Turret alone is a 3
killstreak with Hardline, which means it can be easy to get a lot of them and
most of the time; your allies will take them. However watch out for enemy
players as they can potentially steal your care package. :[

Challenge two: Get 7 killstreaks in one game using Hardline.

Now this may seem like a daunting task, but is actually easy. Just play a long
game, like Domination, Headquarters, etc. and then choose the 3, 4, and 5
killstreak which will make them 2, 3, and 4. This makes is very easy to get a
lot of killstreaks in one game.

Challenge Three: Get a 7 Kills without dying

This is probably the hardest challenge. Basically kill 7 people without
getting killed. The only advice I can offer is to use a Spy Plane to help
locate enemies, counter-spy plane so then enemies cannot use the radar to
spot you and for your reward, you can put on a Blackbird for getting a 7
killstreak. Really this challenge depends on your ability while playing
the game.


This perk is pretty good. To be honest this perk works great with low
killstreak rewards like Spy planes as youíre bound to get a lot of them.
However as you move up to higher killstreaks like Chopper Gunners and Dogs,
the effectiveness of this perk decreases dramatically, although that one kill
can mean the difference to obtain that killstreak. A note for Hardline Pro;
any of your allies with Hardline Pro can potentially change your care package.
You can also do the same, just as so long as no one is taking your care
package or their own.

IV.                             Orange Perks                           (OPKS)


Hardened: Increased Bullet Penetration Damage

Hardened Pro: Less Flinching when being shot at


Challenge One: Kill 10 people by shooting through objects such as walls
This is can be challenging depending on the situation. A good way is to plant
a motion sensor near where enemies are or use an active Spy Plane and just
shoot through walls. Really itís a guess and check kind of thing when it comes
to this challenge.

Challenge Two: Shoot 200 Bullets into enemy aircraft

This is best done with a Light Machine Gun and firing on a helicopter of some
sorts as they can take a lot of bullets before they go down, unless you can
snipe those Spy Planes down. ;3

Challenge Three: Destroy 1 Enemy Equipment by shooting throw the wall
This may seem challenging, but just put on Hacker and this becomes the easiest
2000 Xp youíll ever get. Seriously with hacker, this is probably the easiest
challenge of all the perks. Interesting to note if you happen to destroy a
RC-XD through the wall, it also counts towards the challenge. Weird...


This is probably the easiest perk to Pro since its challenges arenít as
demanding as others. This however makes it one of the most useless orange
perk. To begin, most weapons in this game have good bullet penetration already
and not only that, but there are more useful orange perks than this. The Pro
version however does really help as it makes it much easier to kill enemies
shooting at you.


Scout: Doubles the hold breath time while using a sniper rifle.

Scout Pro: Doubles the amount of time between switching weapons, equipment,
grenades, and activating killstreaks.


Challenge One:  Get 50 kills with a secondary weapon

Now this is a fun one. There are multiple approaches to this. Either use a
high powered pistol, like the python or CZ-75 and just go around killing
people with it, use RPGís to take out groups of enemies, or run around and
knife people with the ballistic knife. Either way this is a tough challenge
to do.

Challenge Two: Get 50 One Shot, One Kill Medal

This can only be done using a sniper rifle. The best ones to use are either
the L96A1 or the PSG1 as they are one shot, one kills around the chest area
and have higher damage per bullet than the Dragunov or the Wa2000. The best
map is probably Array as there are many open spaces to snipe people. Again
this will be another long challenge.

Challenge Three: Get 30 Headshots

While you can use a sniper rifle to get this, itís probably better to use a Sub
Machine Gun or Assault Rifles as it is easy to get headshots using them.


Best used on a sniper class as the hold breath time is actually fairly useful
as some of the snipers have a lot of idle sway. Itís a shame that the pro
version is wasted on this perk because the challenges for this are probably
the most time consuming  and the pro version really isnít worth the effort
anyways, especially if your prestiging. I would pass on this perk unless
youíre using a sniper class.

Sleight of Hand

Sleight of Hand: Reduces the reload time by half

Sleight of Hand Pro: Faster Aiming Down the Sights. (Excluding Sniper Rifles)

Challenge One: Get 150 Kills Aiming Down the Sight

Very easy, just a lot of kills is all. I assume your aiming down the sight
anyways, unless youíre getting steady aim pro.

Challenge Two: Kill an enemy within 5 seconds of reloading 30 times

Now this can be rather annoying because you are vulnerable when reloading,
even with the decreased reload time. All I can suggest is that you reload
as often as you possibly can. This can be hard as the window for this is
rather small and can get you killed a couple of times.

Challenge Three: Reload and Finish off the enemy you wounded 10 times

Another annoying challenge once again. One way to do this is to abuse the
Second Chance People. Just get them into Second Chance, reload, and them shoot
them again. As simple as that. Other than that, run away for a little bit, than
just finish off the enemy you shot. Doesnít really get any simpler than that.


This is an extremely useful perk. Not only is your reload time reduced by
half, but the increased ADS makes you very deadly when picking off enemies.
This is also a great perk for any classes where weapons have long reload times,
such as LMGs or Shotguns. This is probably one of the best orange perks and I
suggest you use this often as that quick reload can save you sometimes. The
only downside I can see is that you canít aim faster any more with snipers,
but I assume itís for the best, I suppose.

Steady Aim

Steady Aim- Reduces the hip fire crosshair, which makes weapons more accurate
when hip firing. It also makes Shotgun spray more directed when hip firing.

Steady Aim Pro- Reduces the amount of time when aiming after sprinting and
reduces the knife recovery time.


Challenge One: Melee two enemies consecutively within 5 seconds

For this challenge, I highly recommend you use a ballistic knife if you are
trying to complete this challenge as it can melee very quickly and has better
range than the default melee.

Challenge Two: Get 100 kills after sprinting

Ok this can be somewhat difficult, depending on your play style. Basically,
when you see an enemy just sprint, then kill the enemy. Although if you have
this on, you should get this challenge through progression as you will
probably do a lot of sprinting anyways.

Challenge Three: Get 150 kills by hip firing

This may seem hard at first, but there are a few ways to get this quickly. One
good way is to use Shotguns. If you are using this perk, the spray of the
shotgun is more focused, which makes it much more deadly. Another way is to
use dual wield weapons. I would recommend SMGs however, especially the Skorpion
since that can kill very quickly, just make sure you have scavenger as you will
run out of ammo rather quickly. Also firing the ballistic knife and killing
someone with it also counts towards the challenge.


This perk can be useful, depending on how you use it. I highly recommend using
it on SMGs and Shotguns as it makes them more deadly when hip firing, since
SMGs already have a small hip fire reticule. The pro version is very useful
as the knife recovery can be very long sometimes and can get you potentially
killed. I usually hold off on this perk as Sleight of Hand or Warlord are
generally better choices than this.


Warlord- You can add one extra attachment
There are some exceptions to this rule however:

=>You cannot add an extra attachment if you are using a Flamethrower,
Masterkey, or Grenade Launcher

=>You cannot have both extended mags and dual mag attachments

=>You cannot have rapid fire and extended mags or dual mag

=>You cannot add any extra attachments to dual wield weapons

Warlord Pro- You get one extra tactical and lethal grenade upon spawning,
excluding Willy petes.

Challenge One- Get 150 kills using two attachments on a weapon

This is fairly easy, just a lot of killsÖagain. There are many weapon
combinations for this. I would recommend dual mag with suppressor as you not
only have quick reload time and more ammo, but you also do not show up on the
radar when firing, which can make you rather deadly although there are other
attachment combinations which may work just as well or even better.

Challenge Two: Get 10 kills with a frag grenade or a Semtex

Very easy challenge. For the best results, play objective based games or use
the radar to pinpoint where the enemy is and throw your grenade. Scavenger can
also help you get this challenge as you can get a constant supply of grenades
and you can get more kills. It can also help you work towards scavenger pro
as well.

Challenge Three: Get a multi-kill with a Semtex or frag

Ok calm down. Contrary to what the description says, you only need to kill 2
or more people with a single grenade. This can be annoying as you will not
often find players grouped together long enough to kill with a grenade. I
would try and get this in an objective based game, most notably Domination as
many people will crowd the flag to capture it.


I find this perk to be rather useful. Two attachments are what can make a
weapon very deadly. You can probably replace sleight of hand with this as most
weapons have the dual mag attachment, which reduces the reload time. The pro
version is meh. Extra grenades are always nice, but scavenger is better as you
get a constant supply of grenades, assuming you get the blue ammo bags. The
only downside is that some of the restrictions really hamper on some of the
versatility of some weapons, but other than that, this a rather
solid perk to use.

V.                               Green Perks                           (GPKS)

Tactical Mask

Tactical Mask- You are no longer effected by Nova Gas

Tactical Mask Pro- The effects of concussion and flash grenades are reduced
and a arrow will appear under your reticule, which reveals where enemy is
located if effected by your concussion or flash grenade


Challenge One: Kill 20 enemies blinded by a Flashbang

Challenge Two: Kill 20 enemies who are stunned by a Concussion Grenade

I decided to do both of these challenges at the same time since they are very
similar to each other. Basically when you come to a room where there are no
allies, just pop a concussion or Flashbang and throw it. A hitmarker will
appear if an enemy is effected by the effects of the stun or flash grenade.
The tough part is that the effects can wear off rather quickly, depending on
how close the enemy was to the tactical grenade. I highly recommend you do
this in Free-For-All as in team modes, your ally might kill the affected
enemy before you kill him, which can prolong the challenge.  Using scavenger
pro and warlord pro can also help as you can get a constant supply of
tactical grenades.

Challenge Three: Kill 20 enemies effected by Nova Gas

Ok this is harder than the other two challenges for the sole fact that if
you are fighting newly prestige players or newer players they will most likely
 have this perk on, which means they will not be affected by the nova gas as
they will have tactical mask on. Furthermore, if the enemy manages to escape
the nova gas cloud, the effects will wear off very quickly and can make this
challenge hard. Again I recommend using Warlord Pro and Scavenger Pro to get
a constant supply of Nova Gas.


I personally have never used this perk often as tactical mask itself is not
useful as many people tend to not use nova gas. The pro version however is
awesome at killing campers, as it tells you exactly where the enemy is and
not only that, but the pro version reduces the effects of concussion and flash
bangs by a lot. Again the only downside as the perk itself can be very useless
until it becomes tactical mask pro, and then it becomes an anti-camper perk.


Ninja- Reduces the noise you make while walking or sprinting

Ninja Pro- Increases the noise enemy make while walking and completely makes
you silent when walking, changing equipment, reloading, cooking grenades, and


Challenge One: Get 150 kills while using the suppressor attachment

Once again this is an easy challenge to do, just a lot of people to
kill...again. I would recommend using a suppressor on Assault Rifles as they
have long range and are powerful to use. Although using it on SMGs or the
Spas-12 work very well also.

Challenge Two: Get 5 Backstabber Medals

Ok this can be rather difficult as getting one is rather weird. First off,
you have to knife the person in the back. I would suggest finding someone who
is camping or has their back turned. Using the ballistic knife is also a good
option for better melee.

Challenge Three: Plant the Bomb 10 times in Search and Destroy, Sabotage,
or Demolition

This challenge can either be easy or very frustrating, especially if the
whole team is camping on the bomb site or if one of your teammates plants the
bomb first. I recommend doing this in either Demolition or Sabotage. Basically
just rush the bomb at the beginning of the round and if the enemy defuses,
then try to plant the bomb again! If you are going to do this, I would
recommend using a tactical insertion and have flak jacket on.


This perk is great to prevent people from sound whoring you while they are
using their Headset. The pro version further improves on this and makes you
completely silent and with ghost on, you will only be detected by a motion
sensor. This is a great perk to sneak up on enemies and with the pro version,
you can easily hear nearby enemies walking or reloading. There are a couple
of flaws with this perk. First off, you can still hear your own allies walking
if they are using a perk other than ninja. Another flaw is that sometimes
while youíre walking, even with ninja pro, your footsteps can still be heard,
for whatever reason. Itís not loud, but you can still be heard, especially
with people with Ninja Pro.

Second Chance

Second Chance- If enough damage is dealt, the player will fall and will
remain alive for up to 10 seconds while being able to shoot. They can only
use pistols and if you have no pistols equipped, you will have the M1911.

Second Chance Pro- You will survive for up to 30 seconds and you can be
revived by other teammates.

Challenge One: Get 10 kills while in Second Chance

This can be rather difficult as you only have 1 Hp. :S Really as soon as you
go into Second Chance, just press the fire button rapidly and hope you kill
the player. Using a Python or CZ-75 is highly recommended as they can kill
easily. Also if you killed the player with your primary as you fall into
second chance, it will count towards the challenge.

Challenge Two: While in Second Chance, kill the player who downed you 5 times.

This is just like the last challenge, except you have to kill the person who
put you into Second Chance. This is rather easy as the player who downed you
is usually nearby, unless you were shot by a sniper rifle.

Challenge Three: Get a Headshot kill in Second Chance

This is can a difficult one as well. You will have to be rather lucky as
trying to aim for the head will get you killed before you can even fire your
pistol. You can use a friend to easily obtain this challenge however.  Having
a very high sensitivity really helps here as you can quickly aim for the head
and hope you can get the headshot. Really it all comes down to luck.


I hate, hate, hate this perk. Now that I got that out of the way, this perk is
really good at making players very mad and frustrated. Itís also a good way to
get revenge kills and can net you that killstreak you were trying to get.
Really this perk is probably the most useless perk and the pro version doesnít
really make it any better. Ya, you can get revived in pro version, but itís
also an easy to get your ally killed as well and usually youíll be killed
quickly before you get the chance to be revived. Furthermore you only have
1 Hp, which means anything that does damage will kill you instantly, even
being flashed will kill you. Not only that, but Second Chance is completely
ignored if hit by an explosion, headshot, tomahawk, and ballistic knife.
I would say pass on this perk.


Marathon-Increased Sprinting

Marathon Pro- Infinite Sprinting


Challenge One: Sprint 26 miles

Ok this is probably the most time consuming challenge of all the perks.
26 miles is a lot. A good way to get this would just be run around in circles
or just sprint as often as you possibly can. Really this is more of a
progression type of challenge as running around in circles will get you killed
a few times.  Itís easy to do, but itís going to be a while before you get
the challenge.

Challenge Two: Get 10 First Blood Medals

This can also be rather difficult, depending on your game type. I highly
recommend doing gametypes with multiple rounds, most notably Search and
Destroy as you have up to seven tries to get a first blood medal. In Search
and Destroy, try to rush areas where players will normally go through.

Challenge Three: Capture 15 Flags in Capture the Flag

Well this can either be easy, or be hard. You are forced to play CTF. The
objective is to get the enemy flag and then take the flag back to your flag,
where you will receive the capture flag medal. A few tips while trying to do
this. Either wait for a Spy Plane to be up or Blackbird to reveal the enemy
positions as many enemies tend to camp the flag. A Tactical Insertion is
highly recommended so then you can get back to the flag quickly. I would
recommend being in a clan so then you can coordinate your clan mates so then
you can get the flag. A word of caution; if the enemy has your flag, then you
cannot gain any points for it. Just camp for a little while until your flag is
dropped before capturing the enemy flag. Another thing you could do, although
kinda of a jerk move, is to play Hardcore CTF and kill your teammate who is
bringing back the flag. I don't recommend this as you can only do this once
or twice before your kicked and you will make a lot of new enemies doing this.
The bright side is that you can easily kill an enemy in one hit with almost
any weapon.


Before you get it pro, itís rather useless as the increased sprint is
negligible at best and you wonít be getting far into the map before you
have to rest before sprinting again. However once you get the Pro version of
marathon, then it becomes a very deadly perk as you can run around infinitely
and this can be even more deadly with lightweight on. Youíre going to be
running around very quickly and makes it very easy to rush the enemy.  Itís
also very good at evading claymores since youíll be moving so fast. The
only flaw is that the challenges are one of the most demanding and itís going
to be some time before you can put marathon to full use. Itís still a great
perk to use, but youíll need a lot of patience.


Hacker- All enemy equipment and turrets will show up as a blinking red

Hacker Pro- You can hack enemy equipment to not only disable it, but it also
becomes your equipment. You can also hack Sentry Guns and SAM turrets. You
can booby trap enemy care packages, where if you manage to capture the care
package, you change the contents of it and if an enemy captures the booby
trapped care package, it will explode. Finally you are invisible to
motion sensors.


Challenge One: Destroy 10 enemy equipments

This is rather easy as equipment is very abundant in all gametypes. Turrets
and even RC-XDs also count towards the challenge.

Challenge Two: kill 25 enemies with C4 or Claymores

Well you have two options, obviously. However I would use the C4 as buying
the Claymore is not only 5000 Cod points, as opposed to the 2000 Cod points
for C4, but also you only get one Claymore whereas you get 2 C4 charges.
Really C4 is most effective on Domination, where you can just lay a C4 on your
flag and if it gets captured, then set off the charge. You can easily get a
lot of kills if you know how to use C4, but claymores are safer as it protects
you and is a guaranteed a kill to anyone not using Flak Jacket.

Challenge Three: Kill 25 enemies who are in the radius of your Motion
Sensor or Jammer

Again you have two options. Both are good to use with the difference being
price and effect. The Jammer is worth 2000 Cod points and has a very large
radius, which makes it very easy to get multiple enemies in the radius of it.
However itís very easy to get destroyed as the effects are felt far away from
it. The Motion Sensor, while 5000 Cod points, is very useful as it detects
nearby enemies without hacker pro and makes it very easy to rack up a lot of
kills. Itís really up to you.


I absolutely love this perk. Equipment is used very often in this game,
especially claymores and motion sensors which can easily get you killed.
With this, you render most enemy equipment useless and hacker pro further
improves on this effect as you are now invisible to the motion sensor and
you can actually take over enemy equipment and turrets. With Ghost Pro and
Hacker Pro, with a suppressor attachment, you are completely invisible on
the radar and can only be detected by noise or sight. The fatal flaw with
this perk is that to get the Pro version of this perk, youíre going to
spending a lot of your funds towards the challenges. The least amount of
points needed to get the pro version is about 7000 points. It is very worth
it however and I recommend using this on most of your classes.

VI.                 Frequently Asked Questions                          (FQS)

(Will be updated as questions are asked)

VII.                          Credits                                   (CDS)

-Treyarch for creating a very fun game so then I may write this Faq
-Call of Duty Wikia for providing some information on Tactical Mask, Warlord,
and Hardened
-Gamefaqs for Hosting this Faq
-You for reading this Faq. :3

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