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I have lost my faith in Call of Duty now.AvengerStar3/10
Another year, another Call Of Duty.CheesyPhil5/10
Another year, NOT another Call Of DutySonsOfLiberty869/10
More of the same.WG4F_is_win4/10
One word to call this game... EPICaiajason9/10
Treyarch listened to the gamers, and it shows.allaboutbuff9/10
Deja Vubobmarley22936/10
Not too bad but still pretty good. But still got some issues.bobrobert9818/10
Treyarch...You have let us down.chris_iloilo6/10
One of the better CODsCodfish2159/10
The downfall of gamingDark_squall20054/10
Get more over-ratedDartflame5725/10
A run n' gun paradise but misery for the rest of us ...DLemasa8/10
Haters can be haters, Black Ops kicks ass!EspioChameleon59/10
Rent it, unless your a die hard fan of the seriesfantasynwa5/10
Get rid of all your other FPS's. This is the only one you need.Flame_Thrower_10/10
Best COD ever! Nerferd to your liking!GTA Assassin X10/10
Are they even trying anymore?I_HATE_HALO4/10
Who wants to fight space aliens when you could be killing Commies?jayskatanic9/10
Call of Duty: Black Ops Reviewjparis098/10
Problems no one talks aboutLogan_Henderson4/10
A multiplayer reviewmikethejesus6/10
Call of Duty: Black Ops, the best Call of Duty game to date.peteer0110/10
COD = Cause Of Disappointmentptemptibus6/10
Call of Duty: Black Op's Review - Australian Reviewer -romansiii9/10
CoD:BO, thumbs uprunnindude9/10
The Call Of Duty Franchise has returned with the latest installmentThe WingedAziel10/10
Couple an engaging cinematic story with a balanced multiplayer...Tizye9610/10
COD: BO (Could Of Done: Better Overall)tooboredtothink6/10
There go the next three months of my life.ToweringM3zcal9/10
No Matter how much polish, some things just don't shine like they Can.Undefined8087/10
Treyarch, you diserve a bronze medal in gamingZayres8/10
Worst CoD Ever...Zzyzzx_Xien5/10

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