Question from sleepfan

Asked: 5 years ago

How do I make Chris Jericho bleed?

It's week 6 of Shawn MIchaels' RTWM. I've been playing this match for about half an hour now. I sent him through both of the tables, removed all the turnbuckles, banged his head on the barricade, even performed 14 "Sweet Chin Musics". How can i make him bleed so i can complete the optional goal?

Accepted Answer

From: dxisraw 5 years ago

Take the turnbuckle off then you get him in a strong grapple hold take him over to the turnbuckle and start hitting his head on it. It might take two times.

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did you try pressing (ps3-ps2)-x to punch his head or (xbox 360) A that can also make him bleed nut it works if you gave alot of damage to his head then try it

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Target his head until you see start holding his head then do a few more attacks to the head and then ground and pound until he bleeds.

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